South African YouTubers do not suck – here are the best of the bunch all with more than 10 000 subscribers!

YouTube is all the rage at the moment but I always find it fascinating that when I bring up the medium to friends they tell me South Africans “aren’t really that active” on the social platform. Hmm… not really the case. They use examples of channels they follow and low subscriber numbers. Well, South African YouTubers do not suck and you’re probably just watching the wrong videos. There are a host of South African YouTubers with more than 10 000 subscribers (these guys never make the local media. Why is that local media? Up your damn game and feature the big guys!). Below I’ve included a selection of those over the 10 000 subscriber mark. You may just find one you like:

Theodora Lee

Check out her channel here.

With more than 200 000 subscribers Theodora is, undoubtedly, the queen of South African YouTube. She is happy to touch on awkward topics in a fun and honest way from the comfort of her bedroom. Her videos give you a glimpse into her life and her thoughts.

Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues

Check out their channel here.

My very public Twitter crush on these boys is not unknown. I absolutely love what they do and find them highly entertaining. With more than 100 000 subscribers – I’m not the only one. Silly, funny and just pure joy to watch – its the channel you subscribe to if you’re looking for a weekly chuckle at your desk.

Superficial Girl

Check out her channel here.

Fashion, beauty, lifestyle and inspiration. Carlinn Meyer was ahead of the pack when blogging took over South Africa. Her YouTube channel was one of the first and now brags 28 033 subscribers. I’ve been rather vocal about not being all that beauty and fashion orientated but I constantly check Carlinn’s content and her YouTube Channel. You can only improve if you try emulate and learn from the best. She’s one of the best. Her channel is tons of fun, cute and still throws in a few educational pieces as well.

Calvyn Justus

Watch his channel here.

Calvyn was a professional swimmer for South Africa and documents a lot of his swimming activities on his channel. He also has the usual vlogs, an Eye Explore series making you extremely jealous of all the places he has visited and a passion projects section that also supply some cool content. He embodies the concept of vlogging – producing content for his 26 849 subscribers.


Watch their channel here.

They’re geeky twenty somethings who make some funny jokes and generally play the fool. With 14 491 subscribers NerdzSquared is steadily becoming a firm favourite for tweens and teen girls everywhere. No doubt it is because nerd is the new sexy. These guys are adorably innocent and really just two friends playing on YouTube. My favourite content from them is usually when the two of them just sit and toss around some arb chats.

My Fro & I

You can view Aisha’s channel here.

I’ve already named Aisha as one of my bloggers to watch in 2016 and this goes for her YouTube channel as well. She produces beautiful simple videos that are visually appealing and also really useful. She has a host of beauty tips that any of you beauty, hair and make up fans will love. There is something so positive and beautiful about Aisha’s personality which I think translates to video so extremely well. Turns out 10 364 subscribers seem to agree with me.

While we cannot compete with these guys we’re trying! Why not give the Tech Girl channel a sneaky subscribe? You can find it here.

Are there any South African YouTubers that you love watching? Tell me about them in the comments below so I can check them out! 



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