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The Rose Gold iStore give away

I know it has been a bit quiet on the blog the last few weeks. The madness of rAge has taken over and I’ve been a bit tied up. However, I’m back and prepping a stack of content to cover the Telkom DGL Masters experience and all the tech info you’ve been missing of late.

In the interim – you’ll remember last week I launched a new feature with my friend Megan Perks – The Tech Girl monthly look. Each month she’ll style two gorgeous looks that incorporate gadgets, glamour and a bit of geek. This month she focused on a Rose Gold look that incorporated hues of pink and gold. I have a rose gold iPhone 6s and I’m absolutely in love with it. I know it feeds all the stereotypes but I honestly don’t care! It is far too pretty.

I’m always far too excited and nervous walking in to the iStore.

istore iglaze armour

I literally want to drop money on ALL the Rose Gold covers and chargers and headphones and things. I have to avoid the place like the plague because my credit card takes serious damage when I get there. I’ve always found the service incredible and they seem to smell my need for pretty gadgets and accessories the moment I walk through the door.

To celebrate my love for all things iStore and our October Tech Girl Rose Gold look – the iStore has gifted me with an incredible prize. I have a gorgeous iGlaze Armour iPhone 6/6s phone cover and a MiPow Power Cube portable charger both in Rose Gold. The cover costs R699 while the power cube is R1299 – both available online at the iStore.

So do you want to win the Rose Gold hamper?

istore mipow power cube

I’m making this one really easy. Comment below with why you should win and send out the tweet – be sure to tag the iStore in your social post. All you need to do is tell me why you should get the Rose Gold offering. Easy as! Consider this my way of saying thanks for always supporting the blog (even when I disappear for awhile) and also just a great way to celebrate an incredible store – who I happily give all my money too.

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  1. I’m a huge Samsung fan but lately I have been feeling the Apple itch. I should win because I love trying out new technology and I want to see what the big iPhone fuss is about.

  2. I loooooooooooooooooove this phone!!!! I’m in love with the Apple world. I’m in love with their innovation, new ideas and all of their products. So Please pick me….It’s very much time for me to upgrade! Holding thumbs 😉

  3. I need to win this as I just upgraded and my current phone cover is clear and boring and I deserve better (hehehehe)

  4. I’m equally obsessed with all things rose gold and love my rose gold 6S plus which I waited ages for! These prizes would be so perfect for me!!

  5. I have a rose gold iPhone 6s and LOVE matching. This cover would also support it when I have a selfie fail. I’m always losing battery due to snapchat 😉 so that portable cube would be amazing!

  6. I would love to win this because i have a beautiful rose gold iPhone 6 but it’s not shining as beautifully as it could because it has an ugly cover on it 🙁 and I can’t afford a new one at the moment. This prize would be amazing!

  7. Never been a smart phone fan, just recently upgraded from a BlackBerry to Huawei P9, starting to enjoy using smartphones. My first computer in 2000 was an Apple which started me off in graphic design. I want to move over to Apple phones. I love their attention to aesthetics and you could say I live the brand.

  8. Rose gold is just the most perfect trend at the moment (and it would match my earrings!) plus i really need a power bank as my battery cannot keep up with me!

  9. They call me I Guy. And I’m the guy that are not afraid of a color called Rose Gold. I’ll be the envy of all my Apple hating Droid drones. . ?. So please ? Sam pick me. MI ?

  10. OMW I seriously need this Rose Gold hamper and the iphone especially. I was pickpocketed last week and they stole my phone, at first I was calm thinking I’ll get it back because I had installed the find.my.iphone app – only to find that my location wasn’t activated at the time they stole my phone so I wasn’t able to trace it 🙁 This would be a real special gift and I would make sure to take 10000% care for it.

  11. I would love to win this gorgeous rose gold iPhone hamper as I love the colour and I equally love pretty things. Pretty things make me feel happy and boy that would be great with exams coming up and the fees must fall protests still happening!

  12. I deserve to win this super sexy rose gold cover and power bank because I’m a mom who always puts everyone else’s needs first and am always running low on battery…my phone and my own! ? I also wanna be as cool as Samatha cos she’s a techie and she know what’s hot! If she’s got it, I want it!!

    There’s a saying that says “All that glitters is not gold”. It is VERY true cos it’s actually ROSE GOLD that glitters! Heehee! Add some gorgeous Rose Gold Glitter to my life and pimp my iPhone 6S please, Sam! Mwah!

  13. Is it weird to enter for my person? My moma can use the cover as she very cleverly dropped her 6s recently and you know what they cost to fix so I think a pretty cover will look good BUT my poor person is constantly running out of battery and I keep saying I’ll get him a power back so how epic would it be to wrap up this one for him. And oddly enough he likes those gold so that’s a huge bonus. If u don’t keep it for myself haha. But no. Entering for family because they deserves spoils for helping Fysh and I during the shitty time we just had.

    Good luck with the upcoming goeters 🙂

  14. I am the biggest Apple Fangirl – Nothing has changed my life like making the switch to Mac and iPhone has! My daughter inherited the old iPhone 4 when the husband inherited my old 5s and I upgraded to the 6s – in Rose Gold, of course! Now, I could have traded in those older devices and used the savings to spoil myself with all the extras, but being an amazing wife & mom, I passed them on, spreading the iPhone joy where it was needed. That’s why I totally deserve to be spoilt with a gorgeous Rose Gold accessory set to go with my beautiful Rose Gold 6s!

  15. I am a social media fanatic and my battery cannot keep up with me, so the charger is like a must have win for me please. I would also love to blinging out in style with the cover especially since I would love to embrace and show off some pink movement support for Breast Cancer month and in general!

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