eSports players try to play LEGO Dimensions

Professional eSports players try to play LEGO Dimensions

My Let’s Play videos have always followed a particular formula. I find a girl just like you or me to join me and play some video games. We usually pull out a new title and let her give it a go. I film it raw and she doesn’t get game time before. The idea behind these videos have always been to showcase that no matter who you are or what you do, we all take a little bit of a time to get the hang of a game but once we get started it becomes tons of fun.

The plan with my Let’s Play videos was to showcase video games but also give you the confidence to buy one and try play.

eSports players try to play LEGO Dimensions

My latest Let’s Play video is a little different. For starters the only girl in the video is me. I had the opportunity to interview a top local multi-gaming organisation called White Rabbit Gaming. Some of their professional eSports players from both CSGO and Dota 2 came round to my house for a “serious interview”. So it made complete sense to get them to play a game. I happen to have just unboxed LEGO Dimensions and thought it would be the ideal game for them to play. Simple, easy and made for kids. Plus they also get to build LEGO. Who doesn’t enjoy building actual LEGO?

If this doesn’t convince you that it doesn’t matter how bad you are at something then nothing will. These guys win money friend, for gaming, you have no excuses to start playing! 

LEGO photos courtesy of the incredible Megan Perks 

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