Let's Play Skylanders Superchargers

We test out new Skylanders Superchargers toys in our latest video

Skylanders is the video game every child wants to play. The game incorporates physical toys with video game play. The toys are really well made and allow your kids to not only enjoy them in game but also take them outside and let their imagination take flight.

The franchise recently released brand new toys and they’re rather rad. Look at the detail that goes in to each one – how cute?

new skylander toys

These new toys are specifically for Skylanders Superchargers. Each character gets a boat or a plane or a fast car. These can be played with in real time and flown around your house with accompanying whoosh sounds.

Splat and Splatter Splasher

High Volt Skylander

The great thing about Skylanders Superchargers is that it really is a great game for kids of all ages to play. To prove my point I decided to put 5 year old Natalie behind the console for our latest Let’s Play video. Take a look at how easily she navigates the game:

In the game we tested out Splat and her boat the Splatter Splasher. We also had a little brawl with High Volt. I love Natalie’s reactions and how involved she gets in the game (never mind how good she is at it!). We have a full review of Skylanders Superchargers that you can read here. If you want to see the costing of Skylanders and how it compares to other kids’ video games, read Marco’s cost comparison piece here.

skylander splat

Have your kids tested out Skylanders yet? Are they fans of the game?

One final thing: a big shout out to our resident gamer Marco who edited this Let’s Play video and really did a super job in the shortest time frame. It meant the world to me and just blown away by what you produced. 


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