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A 3D Makeup Pen that perfectly matches your foundation to your skin tone? Believe it!

South African summers tend to ensure that if I spend a few hours outside I end up with a rose like tinge to my face. One that quickly fades to pasty white once Autumn leaves us. I tend to only wear foundation when I’m going out for a razzle or have an important meeting. The rest of the time I stay away. My foundation lasts for months on end. So if I purchase it in summer I’m guaranteed to look oddly orange as the weather cools or, ghastly pale when the sun starts heating up. The struggle is real man.

That’s why I think Adorn is all sorts of interesting. It’s a 3D Makeup Pen that claims to be able to print the perfect colour foundation for your skin tone. Yup, really.

3D Makeup Pen

Here’s how it works:

The device has a built in scanner. You put it up to your face and it does a colour analysis of your skin. From the scanner results it then is able to blend a foundation shade in its cylinders. Once blended it prints the foundation (in the perfect shade) directly on to your fingers/brush/sponge. Fancy!3D Makeup Pen

The website has a break down of exactly what chemicals go in to mixing the foundation so you know exactly what you’re putting on your face. It also looks rather snazzy which is always a plus!

3D Makeup Pen


According to the creators the device can create more than 75 000 different shades. Impressive right? I’m still not sure if it actually works and I’m yet to see someone actually use Adorn. At the moment it is advertised on the company website as a pre-order item at a cool $279 (which is a little over R4000 – damn you exchange rate). It comes loaded with the required chemicals to mix the perfect foundation but refills cost $20 (around R300). Again, no reviews on how long one refill lasts or if this baby ACTUALLY  works.

3D Makeup Pen

But oh, if it does? How incredible. Would you buy the Adorn 3D Makeup Pen if it was available in South Africa (and not so damn expensive)?

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