PDF Converter Elite 4.

Convert PDF to Word documents



What you need to know:

  • Software that allows you to convert PDF to almost any other format
  • Extract and convert custom selections from a PDF
  • Edit old PDF documents

What we think you should know:

You can’t buy a physical copy of the PDF Converter Elite 4. I was sent a press code and then prompted to download the software from the site. It’s relatively quick and painless. You can then either opt for a free trial or alternatively purchase straight away (or input your voucher code).

PDF Converter Elite 4.

On first download I used the software to convert to PDF documents, one to Word and one to Excel. It worked like a dream and did a far better job than some of the free web based options I’ve tried in the past. However, that was where it ended.

PDF Converter Elite 4.

For one week I was using a review notebook and hadn’t switched my usual laptop on. When I returned to the good old faithful (which had the PDF Converter Elite 4 loaded) I hit a snag. No matter what document I tried to convert, the software froze at 87% and refused to convert. I’d then have to force stop the programme.

PDF Converter Elite 4.

I even tried converting a PDF document with one sentence that still froze at the 87% mark.

PDF Converter Elite 4.

I figured there may be an issue with my laptop and so I contacted customer support. They were fantastic and helped me in a day. However, I needed to remove the software from my computer and re-download. Once done it did work. With PDF Converter Elite you can convert most PDFs to Excel, Word and even CAD. It does work and, I’m presuming, the issue was on my side.

It’s a bit slower than I’d like at converting and it doesn’t always convert 100% correctly. My biggest issue with the software is that I don’t really use it. As cool as it is to know I can convert PDFs, I haven’t really found the need to do it and so, I just really am not sure if it is worth the price.

So Rad

  • Converting PDFs to Word can be useful sometimes

Makes us Sad

  • For that money, you won’t use it nearly as much as you should.

Disclaimer: I was given a press code to download the software. 

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