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Get your Guitar Hero Live fix at work

My life, right now, is Guitar Hero Live. I’m in the process of moving house and my furniture hasn’t arrived yet. This means I’ve got my copy of Guitar Hero Live at work. I count the hours till lunch or the end of the day so I can lock my laptop and pick up the guitar and play.

I’m not half bad either, which is a miracle for me when it comes to video games. I love how Guitar Hero Live simulates playing at an actual show. When you suck the crowd lets you know and when you rock out – they let you know as well. It is pretty freaking awesome.

My favourite thing though? Laid back Lumineers songs are an absolute bitch to play and yet, when you suck, the hippies don’t boo. They encourage you to not suck. Their encouragement didn’t help me at all. If, like me, you need a Guitar Hero Live fix or if you need convincing to buy the game: I’ve made an 8tracks playlist of my favourite tracks on Guitar Hero Live. This should get you through the day.

Which is your favourite Guitar Hero Live song to play? 

Guitar Hero Live for Work from TechGirlZA on 8tracks Radio.

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