hair removal gadgets

Hair removal gadgets hurt like a bitch



What you need to know:

  • Epilator
  • Comes with charger
  • Comes with storage pouch
  • Comes with Opti-start cap with massage head
  • Comes with cleaning brushes
  • Removable washable head

What we think you should know:

When the Philips Satinelle Epilator landed on my desk I was intrigued. I’ve tried laser and I’ve waxed. One thing I’ve never used for hair removal is an epilator. So it seemed like as good a time as any to give it a go.

hair removal gadgets

The Satinelle is pretty good looking when compared to other hair removal gadgets. When I opened the box it was a sleek black with purple accent colours. The little device is curved rather nicely and fits gently in your hand. In the box you also get a charger, cleaning bruches, a cute silky storage pouch and an opti-start cap, which is basically a little fitting that goes on top of the device.

hair removal gadgets

So far so good. It looked rather girly and cute. So I plugged it in and charged it up.

I added the opti-cap as this is said to allow for maximum skin contact at all times. It also has a little massage head which runs over the skin before the epilator removes the hair. When you utilise the cap it also makes sure that you hold the epilator at the correct angle so it works properly.

hair removal gadgets

Once charged, switching the Satinelle on consists of flicking a button up. There are two options, the first is “gentle epilation or maximum performance.” I flicked up to gentle epilation and the little device buzzed to life sounding more like a woodchipper than a gentle hair removal gadget.

hair removal gadgets

I placed it on my leg, ran it a few centimetres up and then spat out more swear words in 5 seconds than I knew were invented. It hurt like a bitch. The epilator consists of tweezing discs that, when you roll it up your leg, pulls the hair out without pulling your skin. So imagine tweezing out a stack of hairs all at the same time! It takes some getting used to. Much like waxing or laser hair removal, it isn’t fun to start. In fact, it is never fun. However, you’ll get used to having little hairs ripped from your legs eventually.

hair removal gadgets

The Philips Satinelle Epilator is able to remove hairs as short as 0.5mm. It does work. I have dark hair and, if I shave, I still don’t that flawless barelegged look you get with waxing. After biting through the pain of the epilator, I had those barelegged legs and the regrowth is still minimum. It also didn’t cost me a visit to the beauty salon.

hair removal gadgets

Turns out though, hair removal gadgets hurt. A lot. You’ll need to decide if the pain is worth the reward of perfect summer legs.

So rad:

  • This gadget really does work. And it works well.

Makes us sad:

  • I can’t say it enough. Ow!


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