Burberry London Fashion Week

Snapchat makes it to London Fashion Week

It’s no secret that I’m Snapchat mad (add me: IAmSamW22). I absolutely love the social media platform and have found myself spending more time there than any other. I know a lot of people just don’t get it and that is understandable. It is a confusing space when you first enter it but it is so important to add a few fun Snappers who made interesting stories. These South Africans are rather rad.

Burberry Scarf

The big concern with Snapchat is that there is no way to quantify how many people have added you or for brands to accurately measure the response they get on the platform. However, I rather like the rawness of it. It is a place for us to have fun and enjoy content. A few smart brands have started utilising the platform to promote content despite the lack of accurate measurement. Internationally popular Snapchatters have been part of producing funky sponsored content and brands have also used the featured Snapchat stories to promote their own stories.

London Fashion Week Burberry

Burberry has always been ahead of the fashion pack when it comes to incorporating tech into its marketing efforts and they decided to use Snapchat for their showing at London Fashion Week. The fashion brand set up a featured story on Snapchat and then previewed the collection BEFORE it went down the runway. The Snapchat story also gave fans a behind the scenes look at the show before it began.

What I really loved about the Burberry Snapchat story was that we also got to see Suki Waterhouse (I still haven’t forgiven her for sleeping with MY Bradley Cooper) and Cara Delevingne feature.

I wonder how long it will take before South African brands start using Snapchat?

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