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The 4 tech innovations they need to hurry up and make already!

Yesterday was the day in the future that Marty McFly travelled to in Back to the Future. Take a minute and wrap your head around that one. We’re basically in the future now. Seems rather fitting that the My World of Tomorrow conference kicked off this morning in Johannesburg.

My World of Tomorrow is this incredible gathering of people celebrating technology and focusing on innovation from all sectors including small business, big corporates, the public sector and rural communities.

It got me thinking about the tech innovations they need to hurry up and make already! My first pick is from Back to the Future itself. Obvs.

1. The Hoverboard

tech innovations

I’d skim between cars in traffic every morning and evening. Bliss!

2. Free Wi-Fi, everywhere and anywhere

Phone Camera

I know, I know… wishful thinking. But imagine if the whole world could connect and be online all the time? The possibilities for development (and making my requested tech innovations) would be limitless. While we’re a long way off Arthur Goldstruck is going to be focusing on the Mobile and Data Revolution when he presents at My World of Tomorrow, while Fredell Jacobs plans to discuss how technology and innovation is bettering the lives of South Africans. We’re getting there… slowly, but we’re getting there!

3. Smartphones but in our brains!

tech innovations

I once watched this episode of Black Mirror where humans had mini USB type devices embedded into their neurosystem ensuring they remembered everything and could even share memories. You controlled the device via your thoughts and eye movements. Imagine if we could do that with Smartphones? I’ve seen ones put under your arms but imagine if you could link your phone to your brain. We’re a step closer to cyborgs.

While it sounds rather funky it is a pretty scary thought as well. These sort of terrifying ideas are going to be touched on by Dion Change at My World of Tomorrow… tomorrow (see what I did there) when he discusses the impact of technology on humanity.

4. A pill that makes me skinny and let’s me eat what I want

tech innovations

Self explanatory really.

Technology and innovation excites me. I love the idea of humans collaborating and making the world a better place. So I’m pretty excited to see what the hype around My World of Tomorrow is all about. The exhibition is split into four distinct segments: The Conference, The Launch Pad, The Exhibition Zone and the Connexion Zone.

The Launch Pad is going to be used to launch and demonstration groundbreaking concepts while the Exhibition Zone will be showcasing our very own local innovation while allowing those innovators to collaborate and interact in the Connexion Zone.

tech innovations

Think of My World of Tomorrow as a space for South Africans and Africans to share and create solutions to every day problems.

The exhibition runs from today (22 October) until the 24th. The conference is today and tomorrow but you’ll be able to visit on Saturday and Sunday. Make sure you check out the incredible innovations on display.

Once you’re innovation muscles have had some exercise, comment below and tell me what tech innovation they need to hurry up and make already? What do you NEED RIGHT NOW?


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