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Consider it done – Johannesburg PA and slave service

I love how the internet has given rise to a host of female entrepreneurs with clever business ideas making their own moola. Consider it Done is just one of those small business gems that I’ve come across and I love it.

It took me a long time to work out how best to describe what it is that my friend Carla Wesley actually does. Her almost the same as my favourite wizard family surname aside, Carla isn’t your usual run of the mill phone a PA service. I used “slave” in the heading of this post which was possibly grossly unfair. The truth is, Carla is willing to do a few oddball tasks.

consider it done

Basically, she’s the woman you ring when you’re pulling your hair out and aren’t sure how you’re going to get stuff done. Consider it done does everything. Carla managed another small company’s Facebook page while the owner took a well deserved holiday, she sourced a glass blower to mend a sentimental wine glass that belonged to a client’s mom and she even interviews Au Pairs if you need her too!

From mending stuff around the house, filing or gardening. Consider it done just gets the stuff sorted for you. How amazing is this service? I’ve already decided to utilise her services when I move house soon. No more headaches!

To find out more about Consider it Done, head on over to their Facebook page here. If money wasn’t an object what would you use the business to do for you?

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