furniQi side table

A table that charges your phone – no cables needed

I’ve recently found a way to ship stuff in really easily from overseas (more on that some day. I promise). What this means is that I’ve become a bit obsessed with trawling through Kickstarter finding rad stuff I’d want if it ever got manufactured. I’m basically throwing money I don’t have at ideas that might never happen and I’m loving every moment of it.

wireless charging table

On these hunts I found FurniQi. I have no idea to see that name, if I’m honest. They’re busy trying to crowd source funding for a side table that charges your phone! Employing wireless charging technology the table has a small circle on it where, if you place your phone, it will wirelessly charge.

side table wirelessly charges

For the most part it is a gorgeous little side table with, what is being touted as a “Mao Zhu” Bamboo finish. My heading might have been somewhat misleading because it does actually require a cable – you’ll have to charge the wireless charging bit every so often – but the table comes with a caramel USB cable to do this so it doesn’t detract from the design.

Oh, and if you don’t have a phone that supports wireless charging you can toss in an extra $10 on your pledge and they’ll send you an adapter so your phone can still use the table. So that’s nice.

How rad? I want one. I’m funding this (they don’t deliver to SA but, again, found a way to get it here!).

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