Tearaway Unfolded

Tearaway Unfolded: use a video game to get your kids into papercrafting

Tearaway Unfolded is available exclusively on PS4, and not only does it inspire your creativity in game, it also has a whole world of creation outside of the game that you can take full advantage of. Set in a world made entirely of paper, the game sees Iota, a paper hero, venture through the breathtaking world of Tearaway as he tries to stop the evil in the world that is turning the once beautiful and vibrant sheets of paper, into drab newspaper print. There is a fantastic “extra” feature for adults and kids alike that will give you all the fun in game with an added real life paper crafting aspect. Kids of all ages will love how much fun they can have working with mom to create physical items.

Check out a bit about the game below as well as the added papercraft feature.


As you go about the game you will utilize the power of the DualShock 4 to get around. The Lightbar will lighten up dark areas, the TouchPad will make objects bounce, and you can even pull a creature or object into the controller, shake it around, and fling it into the air by flicking the TouchPad. The game does a great job at making you feel in full control even when you don’t have your thumbs on the analogues. Creativity is its forte as you use the in-game design mechanics to make paper objects. Cutting up paper, then coloring it in, all to make a crown that needs to be placed on a egocentric squirrel’s head.


The game is one thing, but outside of the game you can recreate the world of Tearaway by taking advantage of its papercraft feature. When you unlock certain objects in the game, it saves to your Tearaway.me account which can be accessed on the web. Once you have unlocked a few objects, you can then print out templates of these objects, grab a pair of scissors and a tube of glue, and get your papercrafting skills on.


The designs come in PDF form with the ability to custom choose how you want it to be saved. You can print it with no colour, so that you can colour it in yourself (adult colouring for the win!), with thick borders for those with shaky hands or for the little ones to try out, and with or without instructions. Each design ranges from easy to tricky, with some of them so simple you do not even need glue for them. I printed out 6 designs that I unlocked in game and made every one of them.


It was tough with my large fingers to get into the tight laces where I needed to stick something down, believe me. But not one moment of the experience was frustrating. I tackled the tricky ones like the Seed Mummer, and I gave the easier one like the Messenger Headband to my niece, who is 5, to complete as it did not need any glue. The PDFs that you print are pretty clear with the instructions on what to do: Folding, cutting, pasting, valley folding, making the paper round by twirling it on your finger. It is all there in black and white. Some of the designs need some rather precise cutting, especially when you get into a corner or need to cut a hole int the middle of an object.

This game and the linked papercraft is really ideally suited to kids and they’ll love the time spent in game and at the table making their papercraft creations.


At the end, I had 6 beautiful papercraft objects, all of which I looked at flat on the printed paper and thought to myself “I was never going to get them done”. It was a really enjoyably experience that I recommend everyone tries, it is easy for an adult and the easier ones are perfect for you child to make. I only unlocked a few of these, but there are so many more to unlock by playing the game like a Carousel, Mushroom field, even a xylophone, which looks awesome to make by the way! There is just nothing as rewarding as unlocking something in game and then having the ability to bring it to life in the real world. This is something that no game has done before.

Check out the full gallery below

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