Colouring in for adults – there’s an app for that

Colouring in for adults is huge. Three of Amazon’s top 10 bestselling books are currently colouring books for adults. The most popular by far is the Secret Garden by Johanna Basford (she has since released an equally popular book called Enchanted Forest). Part nostalgia, part stress relief, this activity is taking the world by storm. And in true tech style, there is also an app for that.

secret garden colouring in book for adults

At first I was a bit sceptical, because for me the beauty of colouring in is that you get away from technology and in doing so your mind relaxes. That was until I tried Colorfy.

What: An app that allows you to colour in on your phone or tablet using your fingers (no stylus required).

Why: Adult colouring in is huge and if you need to relax but don’t want to whip out your colour pencils and colouring book, then this app is for you. It is also a great stress buster.

Where: You can download it for free for Android and iOS. There are in app purchases though.

With the free version there are quite a few different colouring books to choose from – animals, mandalas, floral, the list goes on, but there are others available for purchase. Once you have made your selection, the fun starts. The basic colour palette is amazing, but when you swipe left, you realise you really want the other colours too.

colorfy color palette

It takes a few minutes to get used to the app because your fingers will probably keep on selecting areas that you don’t want to be coloured in. The pinch to zoom works wonders here. This worked really well on my smartphone.

colouring in for adults

This is my finished master piece. It took about 15 minutes and it is quite satisfying to fill in the different areas.


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