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3 things you can do on your smartphone to make life easier

For fear of sounding like an over cliched Game of Thrones character, Winter is coming (actually, it is here already). There is a nip in the Southern Hemisphere air and, if you’re anything like me, you don’t want to leave your house. Good news, you don’t have to!

You’ll be amazed at what things you can do on your smartphone to make life easier. You’re probably already aware of things like booking flights and making hotel reservations but there are a few other smartphone hacks that will ensure that eventually the only time you’ll actually have to leave your house is renew your driver’s license (and here’s hoping they change that soon!)

1. Make Money

do on your smartphone to make life easier

Did you know you can make money from your smartphone relatively easily? Though, you might need to leave your house for some of the activities. M4JAM is a WeChat app that allows you to browse for quick and simple jobs that pay you moola. The jobs include filling out surveys, confirming a road name or taking a photo of something. It really is that simple. You’re paid in payment vouchers that can be redeemed at your local super market and the like. Easy money!

2. Buy a house off plan

do on your smartphone to make life easier

Purchasing a house is nerve wrecking. I think it must be even worse when you can’t see what you’re getting. Buying off plan in a complex or lifestyle estate means you might not be able to visualise what it is you’re getting. Local real estate agents have cottoned on. Blok apartments have introduced a useful (and free) app that lets you shop for homes off plan. The app lets you explore offerings in 3D and do virtual “walk throughs”. You’ll be able to “see” your future spot and also get notifications on the area and interesting facts or additional perks in the building you’re buying in. Granted it is only for iPads at the moment and not technically smartphones… but only a matter of time right?

3. Conduct a free financial needs analysis

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Thanks to the internet you can actually conduct a financial needs analysis online. 1Life offers up a questionnaire on their website that takes all of 5 minutes to do on your smartphone. It’s a super useful questionnaire however, be warned, I got a sales call less than 12 hours after conducting the analysis. I hate sales calls from insurance brokers. If you want to do the analysis without the sales call I’d suggest a john@john email address entry and a 082 00000000 type phone number so they cannot track you down later.

What day to day tasks are you doing on your smartphone to make life easier? 



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