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3 tips for snapping the perfect selfies

Disclaimer: I still cannot take a decent selfie. 

We’re all guilty of snapping the occasional selfie. It’s a thing now right? I always feel rather uncomfortable standing in a group or at a particular event and lifting my phone up and smiling into it. It’s so up my own bum isn’t it?

On a trip to China I had, at the end of my trip, 20 hours of travel to get home. There were trains, buses and a lot of hopping on and off planes. So I came up with this great idea to take 20 selfies in 20 hours for no reason other than it seemed like a bit of a laugh. Unfortunately, one delayed flight and security demanding I empty my luggage to remove a power bank ten minutes before take-off put that entire idea on the back burner as I sprinted to boarding gates, baggage claims and my next check in.

Never fear though, fashionista and super stylist Alexis Knox shared her 3 tips to take the perfect selfies with HTC and I in turn shall share them with you.

1. All in the tilt

perfect selfies

There is an art to taking that selfie. According to Knox you need to get the angle and the tilt just right. Make sure you hold your phone high above your head (or as high as your arm will stretch) and then tilt it at an angle (Knox suggests 45 degrees but seriously, how are we supposed to know where that spot is). Make sure you also tilt your head slightly. Never go face full on; it makes you look chubbier and rounder than you are.

2 Light it up

perfect selfies

In door selfies in artificial light can sometimes give you ugly shadows under your eyes or give your skin a weird glow. Knox suggests taking your selfies outside, preferably early morning or late afternoon. By taking advantage of the sun. If you insist on taking a selfie inside try take it near a window. Guess those drunken selfies at a club need to stop then.

3. Don’t let someone get caught with their pants down

perfect selfies

Make sure you check your background of your selfie. Trying a bathroom version, make sure your friend isn’t in the left corner emptying her bladder. Take note of things like underwear on your bed or your boyfriend walking nude in the corridor (though if I had a boyfriend with a nice bum I might share it with the world in a sneaky selfie manner….)

There you have it, the 3 tips to take perfect selfies. However, try not get too caught up in the selfie taking and remember to enjoy a particular moment you might want to be capturing. Unless that moment is a particular shade of lipstick, then fish face the hell out of that selfie!

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