Games to play on the new Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS might have just received a facelift, but there are a vast number of games that released on the platform since its 2011 debut. From the spectacular Pokémon franchise, to Mario’s 3D world, these are the games to play on the new Nintendo 3DS – or at least the ones we think you should be spending your time on.

Super Mario 3D Land

One of my very first 3DS games that I played was Super Mario 3D Land, it was gorgeous. Who knew that Nintendo could take the quality and design that we experienced in Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii, and put it on the 3DS? With over 16 worlds to play through, each with eye popping colour and great use of the 3D, Super Mario 3D Land is a game that will keep you busy for ages!

Pokémon X and Y

There is something special about a new generation of Pokémon that gets every fan excited. The idea of finding, catching, training, and evolving new creatures into versions that you have never seen before. Pokémon X and Y were just that, a new step in the series’ world domination. The game might have only added 69 new Pokémon to the roster, but it was 69 well imagined and adorable (besides Barbaracle) creatures to catch!

Pokemon X and Y

Mario Kart

Racing around on themed Nintendo racetracks, all designed to reflect and era or franchise in the Nintendo universe. Mario Kart 7 is the perfect kart racer for anyone looking for an excuse to get their driving skill polished. All well-known Nintendo characters make an appearance in the game, each with their own look and unique personality. 32 tracks to race on, online or offline, there is no excuse for not picking up Mario Kart 7.

 Fire Emblem Awakening

Fire Emblem Awakening is a turn based tactical role playing game where players must move their characters with a grid during combat. Positioning characters correctly and cleverly will determine the outcome of your battle as you take turns with your opponent to take each other’s troops out. The game was such a huge hit that Nintendo has gone on to release the main characters as playable characters in Super Smash Bros and they have their very own Amiibo figurines.

Fire Emblem

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Wow, just wow! The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is one of the greatest Zelda titles ever to grace the handheld. I played it nonstop for hours until I completed it with 100% on everything. Set in an alternate Hyrule Kingdom, Link needs to put a stop to the evil Ganon who threatens to put an end to Hyrule once more. This might sound like every Legend of Zelda title, but there is so much more to it, thanks to the two versions of Hyrule that you can explore, making the gameplay as unique as ever!

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Goodbye life, hello Animal Crossing! The franchise has always been a smash hit when it came to looking after your village, building friendships, catching rare fish, and decorating your bedroom so much better than your Gay uncle could. Animal Crossing: new leaf puts you in the shoes of the Mayor this time around, you call the shots and you are the main man (or woman) in the town. Planting trees where you want to, building houses where you want to, and this time you decide who moves in or out. If you feel adventures you can then open your town gates and allow friends to come over and bring gifts, trade fruit, and just wave hi! Be warned though, just like in life, you might have terrible friends that might just run through all your flowers and chop down all your trees.

Animal Crossing

Kingdom Hearts 3D

As a passionate Kingdom Hearts fan, I can assure you that Square-Enix did not cut any corners when it came to Kingdom Hearts 3D on the portable. Set after the events of Kingdom Hearts II, it is the only direct continuation of the story available at the moment. Nintendo favourites return as Square-Enix added characters from “The World Ends with You” into the game. This was the first time that Nintendo characters ever made an appearance in a Kingdom Hearts title. If fighting the forces darkness with a Keyblade, while taming creatures is your thing, or if you just want an RPG experience that is like no other, then Kingdom Hearts 3D is your game!

 Luigi’s Mansion 2

It was a long time coming, but Luigi’s Mansion 2 was worth the wait. As you explore a haunted mansion as the scare pants, Luigi, you will uncover what the ghosts have been up to all this time. Armed with the Poltergust, a vacuum cleaner designed to suck up all those nasty ghosts, you will uncover treasures, coins, Easter Eggs, and all sorts of scares.

Luigi Mansion 2


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