The 5 most annoying things about Facebook and what you can do to stop it

No mess, no fuss. Here are the 5 most annoying things about Facebook… and also how you can stop it to make Facebook an amazing place rather than an annoying one.

1. Annoying People

Top on this list are: oversharing couples, bigots, braggers and the woe-is-me attention seekers. We all know them; we all not-so-secretly loathe them. Unfriending these great annoyances can come off as childish and harsh, and no one wants to be that person either. So we suffer in silence, and wonder why we are on this stupid blue site in the first place.

But there is a simple solution: Simply unfollow them. They will still appear as your “friend” but none of their annoying updates will appear in your Newsfeed. Happy Days.

If the person is an overall stain on society, you can go to their Timeline (or Wall, to those who were with Facebook from the start) and click the “Following” button which appears on their cover photo. Simply select “unfollow” and voila, you are free! If the desire to unfollow is triggered by an awful post that tips you over the edge, simply click on the drop down box in the top right hand corner and “unfollow” the offender.

facebook unfollow people

 2. Candy Crush Invites

I don’t think I need to go into this. If you are part of the problem – stop it. Stop it now. And since we’re on the topic of unsolicited invites – do I look like I want to go to your party Mr. I’m-so-cool-I-can-get-you-into-that-mad-crazy-party? I thought I made it clear Friday nights are for reading and hot chocolate. Leave me alone.

But you won’t leave me alone – so I will block your silly invites. And here’s how:

From your homepage, select Settings. Select Blocking. Scroll down past the list of obsessed ex-boyfriends, and behold: dialogue boxes were you can block invites from enthusiastic friends, annoying apps and even event invites. You are welcome.

facebook candy crush

 3. That picture

So this one time I was at a sleepover and it was before Facebook and we took really embarrassing pictures doing really embarrassing teenage things. Wasn’t childhood fun? But then this cow who isn’t even your friend anymore, not only uploads them but tags you in it with the caption “#TBT! Look how awkward we were haha!” No.

The easiest fix for this is to change your tagging settings so that you have to approve a tag before it appears on your timeline. This too can be found in your settings, under Timeline and Tagging. You may also want toilet paper the offender’s house for good measure.

facebook tagging

4. The Facebook Messenger App

It’s annoying.  It invades your privacy. It stops you from checking your messages. It’s the corset of the 21st Century – can’t live with it, can’t live without it. Until now (dum, dum, dum!). The only real way to get around this is to log into Facebook from your mobile browser. It’s not ideal, but at least you’re sticking it to Mark Zuckerberg.

facebook messener

5. One MILLION notifications

You make a comment on one of your friend’s statuses. Somehow the conversation really takes off and now you are notified every single time someone says something. This can either go on for days, or a few excruciating hours. This is easily solvable too – turn off the conversation.

facebook unfollow

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