What do you want to know before buying a gaming console?

It’s no secret I’ve been playing with the Nintendo 3DS for the past week and a bit. This was my serious face on Saturday morning while trying to wrap my head around Super Smash Bros.:


You’re going to read a lot about the games on offer, the funky Ambiio characters and the incredible 3D screen on the new 3DS. There are videos and reviews for days on the gaming console and I figured, instead of going that route I’d rather answer some of the questions YOU want answered. When you think gaming console you think XBox or Playstation but the Nintendo 3DS is ultimately a gaming console as well. What do you want to know before buying a gaming console? I asked on social media, selected some of your questions and now I’m going to answer. If you’re thinking about dropping R2499 on the new Nintendo 3DS here’s the stuff you might want to know:

Does it have backward compatibility?


If you have no idea what backward compatibility even is, never fear. I’ll explain. In “simple speak” it means can the console use data and play games from earlier versions of the console or from other consoles. The new Nintendo 3DS has backwards compatibility with the original 3DS, DS, DSi and DSi enhanced software. Be warned though, I’ve read reports that the new 3DS “stretches” a few of the older games with lower resolution graphics to fit the screen, so you might end up with a blurred effect.

What games are exclusive to the console?


Nintendo have announced that they will be releasing exclusive games for the new Nintendo 3DS. Games will also be released with exclusive graphics for the console and some will be specially optimised for the new 3DS. Games like Xenoblade Chronicles 3D that have been optimised will be identified by the black band at the top of the game indicating it is only for the new Nintendo 3DS.

What’s the price of the console?


R2499 from Takealot.

What’s the price of the games?


Game prices are R530 or thereabouts.

Are the games playable offline?


Yes. Thank goodness. My biggest gripe with the new Nintendo 3DS was the amount of updating that had to be done when I all I wanted to do was play! Playing offline allows you to actually play as opposed to wait for updates.

What racing games can I play?



What am I going to use it for? Gaming or home entertainment as well?


You’re going to be using the new Nintendo 3DS primarily for gaming. While it offers an improved internet browser than its predecessors that lets you watch videos, I just don’t think you’ll be using it for that. Some of the games also allow you to grab screenshots and share them to social media, if that’s your vibe.

What type of storage capacity does it have?


My new Nintendo 3DS came with a 4GB micro SD card.

What’s in the box?


You’ll get the actual console and your instruction manuals. The charger is sold separately though, as are Ambiio characters and any fancy cover plates you may want. To find out more about those added extras read our piece here.

Easy to migrate?


If you have the original Nintendo 3DS then moving to the new 3DS is relatively easy. You’re able to transfer your data either by wireless transfer or by using a PC. You’re also able to transfer to a smaller microSD card so your software licenses move over but you don’t download the games until a later date. IGN has a really helpful article that explains the move step by step. You can read it here.

What are the popular multiplayer titles linked to the console?


Super Smash Bros and Pokemon are the two that jump to mind.

Does it come in pink?


Yes… kind of. The changeable cover plates allow you to dictate the look and style of your console. I have the pink Princess Peach cover plates so my new Nintendo 3DS is pink. But someone else might have a different style.

 Disclaimer: We were given a Nintendo 3DS in return for coverage on our social media and on the blog. The commentary was not dictated to us and all thoughts on the console are our own. 



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