A little gaming friend in your handbag

I do love gaming. I especially love fight games like Mortal Kombat where I can smash buttons and possibly come out winning. However, my life is crazy. I know everyone says that, but I’m almost 110% sure they don’t live my schedule. By the time I finally have some time for myself I’m sleeping, or napping, or “resting my eyes”. Gaming has taken a back seat, unless it is a Telltale offering and I can get through the chapter relatively quickly I’m not playing. I’ve not run out and bought the latest schmancy console. Most of the gaming I’m doing is happening on my phone.

Now, remember that schedule I told you about? I’m on the go and so are my phones (yup, two). Throw gaming into the mix and I’m adding portable chargers to my already too large handbag – I carry one of those big ones just in case, because all the gadgets need to come with me all the time.

Nintendo sent me the new 3DS to try out (and yes, keep. We have a disclaimer at the bottom of this post. We’re good like that). I’ve had a few days to play with it and I’ve come to the conclusion that it really is a little gaming friend in your handbag. Here’s why:


For starters, it fits in your handbag. Granted it isn’t small, but it is light and in your day time bag it takes up as much space as a purse.


If, like me, you spend your life rushing to places and then sitting in the car park twiddling your thumbs because you’re 15 minutes early, it is perfect. The new 3DS has an incredible 3D screen. You don’t need 3D glasses and you can move the console around considerably without losing the picture and feeling like you’ve drunk the whole bottle of wine. It’s really impressive.


You’re not going to kill your phone battery playing mobile games and, to be honest, the games are far superior to anything you’re going to get on your phone. I’ve been addicted to The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask which is utterly bizarre and yet incredibly entertaining – the game lets you experience the end of the world again and again (it’s also rather long so thank goodness for a portable console right?). There’s also Tomadachi Life which is like a mish mash of the Sims and those old school Tomagotchi toys we had. You can make these Mii characters and get them to interact. It’s weird. I felt uncomfortable just thinking about actually playing it… However, you can purchase celebrity Miis in the online store and make them match up to your Mii. Yes, this is possible. Yes, it is very weird.


You can match your Nintendo 3DS to your outfit…. I’m pretty sure no one actually does this, but customisable plates are still rad. It’s why we buy so many phone covers. There’s something about throwing money at pieces of coloured plastic that just appeals. There is a decent selection out. Nintendo sent me the Princess Peach plate, which is really cute. I have my eye on the wooden Mario themed one. It’s funky.


Your kids will love it too! If you’re a mom this little gaming friend is a sure fire way to keep the kids entertained. Nintendo have also introduced Ambiio characters in a very Skylanders-esque move. The concept of merging a physical figurine/toy with a video game is going to appeal to your children and possibly keep them quiet on Friday afternoon while you enjoy your glass of wine.


It definitely is a little gaming friend in your handbag, but word of warning – I took the console out the box, hooked it up to the net via Wifi (yup, you can do that) and started playing. It was only a considerable amount of time later that the new Nintendo 3DS came out of my handbag and I realised I didn’t have a charger for it. Oh dear. The charger is sold seperately.

The camera (yes, it even has a camera) is 0.3 Megapixels and rather blagh at best. However, if your snapping selfies with your Nintendo 3DS attempting to create the perfect Mii replica, you have bigger problems than a less than average camera.

You can grab a new Nintendo 3DS from Takealot for R2499.

 Disclaimer: We were given a Nintendo 3DS in return for coverage on our social media and on the blog. The commentary was not dictated to us and all thoughts on the console are our own. 


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