how to factory reset your phone [VIDEOS]

Maybe you’ve just got a new phone and are handing your old model down to your child. Maybe you’ve decided to sell your old Blackberry. Maybe you’re going on a smartphone detox and just want a clean slate when you get back. There are stacks of reasons why you may want to factory reset your phone.

Performing a factory reset means your data is wiped from the phone. Next time you switch it on it’ll be exactly as it was when you purchased it, pulled it out the box and switched it on for the first time. No matter your model (Android, iPhone, Blackberry or Windows Phone) we’ve got you covered. Below are short videos showing you how to factory reset your phone. If you’re not a video fan there is a short explanation below each video.

We’d suggest backing your phone up before you perform the factory reset.


Settings > Backup & Reset > Reset Phone > Erase all data > OK


Settings > Security & Privacy > Security Swipe > Enter “blackberry” > Delete Data


 Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content & Settings > Enter Pass code

Windows Phone

Settings > About > Reset your phone




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