The coolest hi-tech homes in South Africa

I have no doubt that it is every Tech Girl’s dream to come home to a house with lights that come on as the sun sets, curtains that close as the lights come on and an electricity set up that utilises the latest and greatest green technology. We want hi-tech homes. Personally, I want a fully automated home theatre. I want it to feel like I’m at the movies without having to get out of my pajamas or open my (automated) garage door to reverse my car out.

It turns out I’m not the only one. These are some of the coolest hi-tech homes in South Africa (yup, that’s right, these are local!). How rad are these home theatre set ups?


Sphere 2

20131011-20131011-JU1A1415 (1)

When I look at pictures like these I presume you have to be making mega moola to live like that but according to Christiaan Beukes from Sphere Custom Design (automation specialists for your home and office – so basically they can make that dream home a reality) we’re seeing a trend towards making home automation more accessible to the masses. Think about your smartphone… do you know that many apps and functions are available to link up with other gadgets in your house. Almost any phone can be turned into a TV remote and many big gadget and technology companies are ensuring their home appliances and televisions work hand in hand with their smartphones and tablets.

You can start off small and simply add components as you go along… A bit like adding to a LEGO collection. So in time, I can post pictures of your hi-tech home when I do posts about the coolest hi-tech homes in South Africa. More people are getting mobile connectivity and the cost of connectivity is slowly decreasing (though I for one would like that decrease to happen faster). Pretty soon an automated home won’t be just a dream.

What’s the first thing you’d install in your home? 

Crestron Ipad Image


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