Has your drink been spiked? (Nope, this isn’t the nail varnish).

Last year everyone was a buzz about a nail varnish that, if you put some of your drink on it, would change colour if the drink had been spiked. Rather ingenious right?

We’re yet to see a nail polish on the shelves though and we’re still stuck with some archaic test kit that works better in a lab and isn’t going to fit conveniently into your tiny sparkly clutch when you’re out on the town.

Sometimes when we’re out and about we may turn our head for all of 10 seconds, which is just enough time for someone to slip something into your cocktail. Has your drink been spiked? With technology where it is you likely won’t know and you definitely won’t notice until you wake up hours later not recalling what exactly happened.


While we wait with baited breath for the nail polish there is another little gadget that may make its way into the market to help. It’s called the pd.id. The company developing the pd.id started a crowdfunding campaign last year. They received only 50% of their required investment but the pd.id Founder & Developer says the exposure following the campaign has introduced them to more investors and they’re hoping to get the device to the public soon.

pd.id is a tiny little gadget, about the size of a lipstick, that has two LEDs (red and green). You dip the pd.id into your drink and if the Red LED blinks it may be best to toss that glass of wine. For a full explanation on how it works you can read the Indiegogo write up.


This would be an ideal gadget for any woman to carry with her. Though, I must be honest, it is extremely sad that we need to worry about having gadgets to detect spiked drinks in the first place!

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