IAmAMan Period Tracking App – we bet a woman didn’t develop this one

We’ve come across some pretty strange apps in our time. Anyone remember Spreadsheets? But IAmAMan takes the cake. The IAmAMan Period Tracking App is exactly that – an iPhone App that allows your significant other to track your menstrual cycle (because, of course, he needs to know when to back away slowly while throwing chocolate at you).


On first seeing this app we had a good giggle in the office but, to be honest, it is rather offensive. It schedules “Menses Day” and also notifies your significant other when to expect your PMS rage. Now, there are a host of cycle tracking apps available. Many women use them. There’s a reason this one is sleazy (and likely developed by some boet who came from lifting at the gym… if boets who lift at gyms can develop apps). It’s touted as a way to “help you with your private life planning” by letting you track the cycles of several girls. Apparently this will allow the user to plan his dates, evenings and also save some money… for fear of interpreting that wrong I’m presuming users don’t take girls to dinner if she happens to be on her “menses”.


Now to “avoid misunderstandings and preserve your relationship”, each girl you log on the app is given a unique password. When that password is entered the only girl who appears is the one it is allocated to. The idea, of course, being that you don’t get caught cheating… or maybe you’re respecting the privacy of your multiple friends with benefits.

If none of what we said has put you off – it costs just under $2 in the iStore.


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