Ring light and mini tripod

A vlogging accessories kit for under R400

Ring light and mini tripod included!

Ready to start your Instagram reels or YouTube journey, but worried about the cost of gear? I’ve got you fam.

I’ve found a rad media bundle kit that is ideal for first time content creators and costs less than R500. The folks from INTOUCH sent me some goodies to test out and included in the testing kit was their “Social Media Bundle”. The entire kit comes in eco friendly packaging which has been made with 100% recycled material. There is no instruction booklet in the box, everything you need to know is on the box and it gives you an idea of what you’re going to get.

The tripod

Ring light and mini tripod

The first thing in the kit is a Tripod grip stabiliser. It doesn’t stand very high and can be a bit difficult to figure out in the beginning. Be sure not to force anything. I promise it adjusts and opens up relatively easily. The first rule of tech should always be: “if you have to force it, DON’T!”. The tripod has a snug cradle for your smart phone to sit in either portrait or landscape mode and is pretty much compatible with a variety of different phone brands and various cases. You can adjust the angle considerably which is awesome! You can either use the tripod as a handheld stabiliser or set it up for hands free filming.

LED Ring Light

Ring light and mini tripod

The LED Ring Light included is designed to sit on your phone as a selfie light. 36 bulbs work to ensure supplemental lighting for your videos or pictures. The light is rechargeable and a USB cord is included, so you won’t need to worry about batteries. I also like that the light has adjustable brightness, so you can work through three different settings to determine what is best for you.

Hands free shooting

Ring light and mini tripod

Along with the tripod and ring light, the bundle includes a remote to ensure hands free shooting. It pairs easily to either iPhone or Android via Bluetooth and you’re able to take photos or record, which is a game changer for me. You can set up your phone to focus and then use the remote to start shooting.

It is important to note that this is an entry level vlogging kit. It’s designed for your phone and simple content creation. I’m definitely a fan and use it myself for Instagram reels. The entire kit retails for R345 which is a really great price. If you want to get your own kit, you can order it online here.

Disclosure: I was sent an INTOUCH Media bundle, by the brand, as a gift. 



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