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Television shows you should add to your binge list

October 2021 edition

I was having a bit of television dry spell the last few months. I thought everything felt a little bleh. That’s changed in the last few weeks and I’ve been locked in on my television.

Here are some new shows you should add to your binge list:


The new season of Succession will drop on Showmax on 18 October. The Showmax team gave me early access to watch the first 7 episodes of the new season and HOT DAMN. First off, you need to watch Season 1 and 2 if you haven’t (already on Showmax). The show follows a media mogul and his four children, who are all jostling for control of his global empire and his love. The new season picks up right where Season 2 left off, after son Kendall threw dad Logan under the bus, very publicly. The season shows each of the siblings scrambling for foot holds, choosing sides and trying to sway political and financial interests. This show is slow to watch, deliberately dragging out interactions that will have you equal parts entertained and somewhat disgusted at how the world’s elite operate. It’s funny and also painful to watch. Season 3 doesn’t disappoint and you’ll see some remarkable similarities to real world events that will have you cringe. The writing on this show is so damn good. I’d suggest taking Monday off work to get this all in. It’s that good!


Another goodie on Showmax, I stumbled on this by accident and I’m surprised it hasn’t received more public love, because it is bloody brilliant! It is based on the Dark Horse comic and follows an alien who accidentally lands on Earth after attempting to pull off a mission to kill all humans. Now the alien, Harry, has to try blend in with humans to stay under cover. Alan Tudyk from Firefly plays Harry and he is spectacular. I laugh out loud at least 3 times an episode, purely on his physical behaviours and how he comes across as so awkward and… alien, so naturally. I’m so hooked by this show. It is honestly one of the best shows I’ve seen this year.


I’m still going with this one and ended up paying to renew my Apple TV subscription just to watch it. The first season, where women news anchors rise up and call out misogyny and sexism at a news network with a secondary plot seeing an old ageing woman fighting to keep going as opposed to being replaced by the younger “fresh” face, was so well written with big star power. Season 1 ended with a banger and Season 2 picks up the banger and goes full explosion. It’s crazy and chaotic, taking a dig at world news and the ever growing ridiculousness that is main stream news. It’s good. Though try plan this around a 7 day Apple TV trial so you’re not paying for the month to watch all of it.

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