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Why is no one watching your Esports Broadcast?

Tech Girl Talks Season 2 Episode 1

Tech Girl Talks Season 2 has launched with the first episode and we’re out the gates with a banger. For Episode 1 I pose the question:

Why is no one watching your Esports Broadcast?

tech girl talks s2 ep1

I see so many “Esports Consultants” talk about the big viewership numbers and eyeballs available to esports content, but a lot of broadcasts and content pieces don’t make a dent. So why is that? What is it that the likes of Riot Games with League of Legends or The International for Dota 2 get right? I wanted to investigate this topic a bit but realised I needed to bring in some big guns… so I reached out to the biggest gun I know.

Special Guest: Richard Lewis

tech girl talks podcast

Richard Lewis is one of my idols. He has worked on some of the biggest esports events in the world both as a talent in front of camera and behind the scenes from a production and management point of view. He is an award winning esports journalist. His content reaches a large audience. Love him or dislike him, Richard Lewis is someone in esports you have to respect – for what he has built and the years of knowledge he has accumulated.

The Esports Hall of Fame inductee helps add some insight into the discussion.

Some of the focal points on the podcast episode include:

  • Esports content and what it entails
  • Creating value with the work you do
  • Measuring success
  • Reaching the casual gamer
Episode 1 is now live and you can listen to it on all good podcast platforms, though I’ve embedded the Spotify and Apple Podcast direct links for you:

Tech Girl Talks on Google Play

Tech Girl Talks on Anchor

Tech Girl Talks on Breaker

Tech Girl Talks on radiopublic

On Thursday at 3pm SAST I’ll be on my Twitch channel for Tech Girl Talks More, where you can add your opinions and chat directly with me about the episode. So make sure you give it a listen today! 

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