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Kaspersky Security Cloud review

I’ve used a MacBook for most of my day to day work for about 5 or 6 years now. I have a gaming rig but use the MacBook for writing, admin, video editing and image editing. It also comes with me when I travel. It’s getting a bit older now and I’m seriously considering what my next move will be – if I stay with a MacBook or move to a gaming laptop for travel but I digress.

I’ve never had any sort of antivirus software for my MacBook

Sam Tech Girl Wright

I know right? Shock horror. It is so strange because for my gaming rig it is something I’m very conscious about and yet with my MacBook I just never thought about it. I think some time years ago someone told me Apple’s built in software was good or something like that and I never really gave it another thought… until recently. I’ve written articles for years about being careful about links you click and being aware of scammers, but I fell for one. I’m not going to explain what it was but suffice to say it was VERY well done and I clicked. Thank goodness I didn’t unzip the downloaded file but immediately realised I had a problem. So I began looking for antivirus software, pretty sure I’d just opened my MacBook to every baddie on the internet.

I decided to go with the Kaspersky Security Cloud 2021 software. Here’s why:

  • After going through a host of options and costings, my decision was to go with the Kaspersky Security Cloud offering. I liked that it was extremely comprehensive and worked for a MacBook as well as a PC.
  • It is a subscription service that costs R972.99 a year and allows you to utilise it on 3 devices. This means I can use it on my MacBook, gaming PC and my iPhone. It also works on Android devices.
  • The entire suite offers antivirus, anti-ransomware, mobile security, password management and parental controls (though I don’t need that).
  • You get access to privacy tools, data leak detection and Home Wi-Fi security and payment protection
  • The software sends alerts to your devices to keep you safe and you’re able to check if private account data is leaked
  • If an unknown app attempts to connect to your webcam you get a notification.

The cloud security is pretty all encompassing and while I needed it to run virus checks the additional features, password protection and the like have been a huge hit for me and changed the way I manage my accounts.

Some thoughts

Sam Tech Girl Wright

Antivirus software is such a grudge purchase. You don’t really want to spend money but the truth is, with how reliant we are on our devices these days, we need to use it. I thought the Kaspersky Security Cloud software was really well priced considering what you get and that I could use it on my 3 primary devices without having to purchase additional licenses for each of them. It was really easy to set up and use.

If you’re wondering, my Macbook wasn’t compromised so despite the small panic, I was okay. But I’m glad the scare got me to finally get my A into G and set up some security on it. If you’re wanting to do the same I really suggest taking a look at the Kaspersky Security Cloud 2021 software here.

Disclosure: After going through the options and deciding Kaspersky’s software was the one I wanted to try, the Kaspersky team provided me with a code to try out and review the software. 

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