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LinkedIn Stories are real & other horror stories

A Marmite shortage? Having to think before you RT? ANOTHER new cryptocurrency?

With Halloween around the corner… scratch that! 2020 has been a horror show all on its own. And if that hasn’t been bad enough there is a Marmite shortage, Twitter wants us to think before we RT and we have a new cryptocurrency. All this and more in this week’s Bytesized.

Marmite will soon be back on shelves and TAB is dead to us

The marmite shortage will end in two weeks. Due to the ban on alcohol sales, Brewer’s yeast has been in short supply. Marmite uses the spent yeast from alcohol production. In news of other things you probably haven’t missed, TAB will no longer be (yes zero caffeine zero sugar drink).

Have you tried to RT lately?

Twitter will show what you usually see when you click “RT with comment” because of Trump. Well kind of. Leading up to the US presidential elections on November 3rd, Twitter is hoping this extra step will stop the spread of misinformation. Kind of a like a think before you tweet button. Kind of.

A streaming platform you may or may not have heard of is no more

Quibi is dead. The short-form streaming platform rose to fame during the height of the pandemic but announced it would be shutting its doors 6 months after its launch.

LinkedIn Stories are here. This is not a joke.

It finally happened. LinkedIn got Stories. You have up to 20 seconds, can share video and photos and like the other platforms, is only available on mobile.  I am going out on a limb and say it will be used to showcase your LinkedIn skills. Skills like this:

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Try this now😭

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PayPal is launching its own cryptocurrency and due to the announcement, the Bitcoin price increased. I’m still holding on to mine in my LUNO account though…

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How did you celebrate Spreadsheet Day?

In October Excel turned 35. I am one year older than Excel and I am not sure how I feel about it. I’ve used Excel quite a bit in my work career and after mastering pivot tables, I get really excited to use them. I use the term mastering VERY loosely.

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2020 summed up:

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