Logitech G Content Creator Academy

Are you South Africa’s next big gaming content creator?

The Logitech G Content Creator Academy

This post was written in collaboration with Logitech G 

I’ve known about this for awhile and it has been tough to keep quiet because it really is such a rad concept. Logitech G is launching their South African Content Creator Academy today. It is a competition, in its raw form, but also an opportunity to help assist new gaming content creators looking to take their passion to the level. Logitech G is looking for new content creators to support but also wants to find a way to give guidance, tools and knowledge to new gaming creators to help them improve.

The Logitech G Content Creator Academy

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The academy launches today. Aspiring Gaming content creators can apply and eight finalists will be selected. Those 8 finalists will then have access to a bootcamp type set up and, on 15 December Logitech G will select 2 of the content creators who will be offered a Logitech G 6 month contract – where they will work as content creators with Logitech G.

During much of October and all of November the 8 finalists will get access to the Logitech G team and I’ve also been asked to come in and assist. I’ll be sharing my knowledge around building a brand, finding support, growing your community and all the boring business stuff (wich is actually really important). My friend Dangerous Dave over at Super2bit will also be getting involved and helping as well. The idea is that the finalists will get access to advice around technical, writing and social skills to help build their own businesses and identities in the South African gaming space.

What you need to know

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Entries for the Content Creator Academy open on 9 October. You’ll need to apply by filling in this form

The idea is to find a host of creators expressing themselves in their own unique ways – so streamers, writers, animators, editors – you aren’t limited here. Anyone can apply.

Applications close on 23 October and the Academy itself starts on 1 November. 

If you have questions you can head on over to the Logitech G South Africa Facebook page and they’ll be able to help. 


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