win xbox series x

Want to win an XBOX Series X? Here’s how

Written in partnership with Pringles South Africa

The XBox Series X is dropping soon and OF COURSE, we all want to get our hands on one. You can wait for the pre-sales to open and hand over your cash or you can spend less than 30 bucks and try your luck with the new competition Pringles is running. As of last week (so now, right now) you can win an Xbox Series X just by purchasing a can of Pringles.

What you need to know:

win xbox series x

All you need to do is buy your favourite Pringles flavour in either the 42g or 110g cans. Make sure to keep your receipt so that you can show the date and store at which you made the purchase (or if you purchased online, keep the receipt too, usually it is emailed to you). Every can gives you an entry into the competition. There are 46 Xbox Series X consoles up for grabs. The competition runs from 1 September till 15 October 2020 and that means that a console a day will be given away. WHAT?!

You’ll need to buy a tin that has the XBOX promotion on it. You’ll recognise them because some of your favourite game characters are on the front. They look like this:

pringles xbox

Once you’ve got the tin, dial *120*471# and follow the necessary prompts you’ll be sent. 

There’s more

xbox series x win

Not only can you win a brand new console, but if you send an SMS you’ll also get a 7 Day Xbox Game Pass Ultimate code which you can use right away. Winning! So basically just for popping some Pringles you get a gaming freebie. I’m also a fan of snacking on Pringles when I’m jamming games, so this is a win win. They don’t have the same grease that comes with other snacks, so I don’t worry too much about my controller while I’m shoving Pringles in to my mouth. Fun fact for you.

While you might win a console, keep in mind you’ll only get it when the console officially drops in South Africa. So be prepared to be patient. If you want the full list of terms and conditions for the competition you can find them here.

I’ve been in an ongoing debate with Player 2 about the best Pringles flavour. He’s fully committed to the green tube, Sour Cream and Chives, whereas I’m an original red tube kind of girl. Obviously now we have an excuse to stock up on both so we can enter and try win the new console. Which is completely the reason why I keep buying Pringles… or at least that’s my excuse!

Let me know if you enter and, if you win, so I can come visit and jam on the new Xbox 🙂

Disclosure: Pringles did send me some tubes to inspire me while writing this post. I also got a nifty carry box for them. 

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