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Surprise! ASUS just dropped 5 brand new products in South Africa AT THE SAME TIME

Power Up Product Launch goes live

This is kind of rad. In the space of a few seconds ASUS just dropped five brand new products for the South African market and they did it with style.

There’s a launch video which is slick that introduces exactly what laptops are now available locally. I loved the launch video. It’s sharp, smart and really funky. You’re not getting bombarded with specs, just getting told exactly who these laptops are targeted at:

Usually when new laptops enter the South African market they come in one at a time. So each month a new model launches, there’s a video, there’s lots of marketing and then on to the next one. This time there’s 5. All at once. I like it though. It’s pretty clear from the launch video that each notebook is specifically focused on a “type” of person. Whether you’re a creator, a gamer or someone building their empire – your machine needs differ. By offering all the new products in one go you’re able to source the exact notebook to suit your needs rather than having to wait it out for the right product to arrive in the country or have to try decide what you’re willing to give up on or go with out in order to get a notebook right now.

Basically, your product is completely personalised now

asus power up launch

Okay so what are the 5 notebooks that dropped?

These are the devices that are now available in South Africa:

The OG Zephyrus G14 – which I’d summarise as a really good all round notebook that allows you to manage your whole life in one space. So ideal for casual gaming, work and travel.

The ROG Scar Strix III – Hardcore gaming is the name of the game with this one.

The ASUS TUF Gaming A15 – The TUF range is a new group of gaming laptops which I’m pretty excited about. ASUS is attempting to bridge a gap I think has been there for awhile: between gaming and real world durability. I’ll get in to more detail about this in a future blog post.

ASUS ProArt StudioBook Pro 17 – video editors, photographers, designers – this is your answer if you’re wondering about replacing your current machine.

ASUS VivoBook S – The VivoBook S is your every day companion. It’s the laptop that sits in your bag on your shoulder as you run from meetings and get ready to take over the world.

I’m giving you a very brief overview of what dropped, but next week I’ll dive into breaking down some of my ASUS top picks and giving more detail on the specs of each machine. All the notebooks are now available at Evetech. So you can immediately start browsing and shopping. Do you have a favourite in the list? Let me know and maybe I’ll feature it first next week! 


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