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By the time you read this, I would have watched the first episode of season 2 of The Bachelor SA. I can’t believe the first Bachelor was over a year ago. I love me some trashy reality TV and this show ticks all the boxes. Happy Valentine’s Day (see my Valentine’s wish to you below). And now here’s all the internet news that cracked me up this week.


Lays is cancelling their salt & vinegar chips

Apparently they have done this before. Monsters.

Remember when people lost their minds because they changed the flavour of Rice Krispies?

This wins.

Today is Valentine’s Day

Last week I wrote about how you can get a date on Amazon Dating and today is Valentine’s Day. I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day but I see that Woolworths has a giant Cutie Pie and I really want it. It’s 230g of pure goodness for R99.99.

Giant Cutie Pie Woolworths Valentines Day Chocolate

This what marriage is.

Date idea.

When animals attack

It’s funny coz it’s not me. I am the type of friend that if I saw you being chased by an animal I’d first press record while laughing before helping. I’m the same when someone falls. Laugh first, help second.

When animals attack reminded me of BASEketball with the South Park creators where someone tapes over their video to record Roadkill on Tape. This movie is underrated. I need to watch it again, there are some gems in it.

This has to be my all-time favourite animal attack. This llama just won’t give up and the guy has to eventually jump over a fence.

This guy takes trolling to a new level

I had been stuck in traffic, without electricity AND water, no internet and it was only Tuesday morning. This life hack would work like a dream and then I would have the road all to myself.

It took a lot of self-control to NOT buy this & now I regret it

A wand that teaches you how to code. I could have put this down as an educational expense. Next time.

harry potter coding wand

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