MasterClass review: how to learn a new skill from the best in the world

I’d seen the ads in my social media feeds and thought it was great that you could take cooking lessons from Gordon Ramsey. Then I saw that Neil Gaiman was added and I knew I had to have it. MasterClass is one of those terms that gets thrown around, but MasterClass lives up to the hype. You get to learn skills from the best in the world.

When my family asked what I wanted for my birthday last year, I knew a subscription to MasterClass would be at the top of my list. I’ve had it for 5 months now and I already know what I’m asking for this year – another annual subscription. It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

What is MasterClass online?

MasterClass allows you to learn from the best in the world. There is a range of categories to choose from and each class starts by introducing your instructor, like Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and then the lessons start.

  • Lessons are between 10-20 minutes long and there are course materials that you can download.
  • The videos are very easy to follow and it’s like you are having a one on one with the instructor.
  • You can watch it online or download the app. I use the Android app.

Get your chef on

Gordon Ramsey

I’m no chef but I can cook. I’ve come a long way from throwing fresh spinach from the garden into the freezer because the recipe called for frozen spinach or just adding tomato sauce to mince.  I’ve been a Gordon Ramsey fan for a while, partly because he swears and goes off and partly because his food looks delicious.

I started off with learning how to make scrambled eggs. I could never get them egg yellow and although they always tasted good they were by no means instaworthy. Since learning how to make creamy scrambled eggs, I make these almost every morning for breakfast. My takeaways were to always use a non-stick pan and a spatula, and remove them just before you think they are ready so that they stay creamy and don’t dry out.

scrambled eggs on toast

My masterpiece so far has been Gordon Ramsey’s signature dish, Beef Wellington. It is really fun to make and it tasted amazing.

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My first time making @gordongram Beef Wellington. . For my birthday I got a year's subscription to Masterclass. One of the courses is a basic cooking course taught by Gordon Ramsey. . So far I've perfected scrambled eggs, poached eggs and chicken supreme. This was my first attempt at Beef Wellington & it was delicious (3 other people confirmed this too). . I made mushroom duxelles, thyme crepes, and substituted the parma ham with a salty thinly sliced beef. The fillet was covered in Dijon mustard. It took quite a while to make the different components but was worth it. . I served it with Wasabi mash potatoes and somehow forgot about the green beans and over cooked them. So we carbo loaded. I only burnt myself once – I was removing a hot rack and got the side of my arm. Totally worth it ?

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There are also Italian, Mexican, Texan BBQ and French pastry cooking courses. While I am not interested in all of them, there are some recipes that I’d like to perfect from the different courses. Wolfgang Puck has a recipe for Oatmeal Risotto and an apparent world famous Mac & Cheese that I really want to try.

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Wake up and put on some makeup

Bobbi Brown

I don’t really wear that much makeup, usually, only to cover up adult acne and if I’m feeling fancy, mascara and some eyeliner. YouTube is full of makeup tutorials but I’ve never actually understood things like contouring or spending hours getting ready. I like quick and easy.

And what I really liked about Bobbi Brown, that even though she is a makeup artist, she realises that most people don’t have a lot of time and shows you how to get ready in less than 10 minutes. I learned the basics and what I really like is that Bobby Brown keeps it simple. She also has makeup tips for all skin types and colours. And if you are after more advanced techniques, this course is also for you.

Doing it the write way

Neil Gaiman, David Sedaris, RL Stine, Margaret Attwood, Dan Brown & many, many more

One of the main reasons for wanting MasterClass was that one of my favourite authors, Neil Gaiman is an instructor (if you haven’t read The Graveyard Book or The Ocean at the End of the Lane, add them to your reading list right now). I am about halfway through his class and it as if you’re attending one of his courses at university.  These courses take a lot longer because you have assignments along the way.

Another one of my favourite authors, David Sedaris, also has a class. He is hilarious and shows you how you can find your own comedic style. RL Stine of Goosebumps fame teaches you how to write young adult novels. There are also instructors that teach you how to write crime fiction and so much more.

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A wide variety of categories and instructors that are always being added to

I think it is important to try different things because you never know what you might end up enjoying or being good at. MasterClass is the perfect way to do this. I’d never have thought to study chess, learn ballet or try acting but now I can.

Next, I’d like to do something completely out of my comfort zone and learn to sing. It is mainly to improve my car-aoke. Luckily it’s just me in the car, but I’m sure my ears will thank me. Christina Aguilera will be my instructor *goes and updates LinkedIn skills*.

Categories include Music & Entertainment, Culinary Arts, Writing, Business, Politics & Society, Sports & Games, Design, Photography & fashion, Science & Technology and Lifestyle. There are big names like Natalie Portman, Samuel L Jackson, Serena Williams, Annie Lebowitz and Anna Wintour hosting classes.

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1 million @instagram followers. Thank you. ?

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How much does MasterClass cost?

MasterClass has two payment options – access to all classes for a year at R3000 ($180) which works out to R250 per month (billed once annually) or lifetime access to one class for about R1500 ($90).

Can you buy just one Masterclass?

Yes, you can. If you know which class you are interested in, then you can buy one MasterClass. It costs about R1500 ($90) per class and you’ll have lifetime access to the class.

Is MasterClass worth the money?

Yes. There are so many great MasterClasses to pique your interest. I’ve found it valuable and enjoyable. I highly recommend it. And even though I was gifted an annual subscription, I would use my own money to buy one.

  • There is a wide range of topics from great instructors
  • New classes are always being added
  • Learn skills but also about your instructor’s background
  • Very clear, easy to follow lessons that are well structured
  • You can easily pick and choose what you’d like to do
  • Allows you to learn from the best in the world and try out things you may not necessarily have thought to do or had the opportunity to

Visit the MasterClass website here for more info. 

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