Not making any scents or lit AF? Introducing the smart candle

If you’re wondering what to do with your extra day tomorrow (February the 29th, leap day) I suggest you watch the series What We Do In The Shadows on Showmax. I haven’t laughed at a series like this in a while. I loved it so much that as soon as I was done with the first season, I started watching it again. It’s about three vampires and an energy vampire living in modern-day Staten Island. If that doesn’t blow your hair back, then scroll on past for this week’s Bytesized.

?️Just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should. Case in point, Candle Touch, the first smart candle.

Using an app on your phone, you press a button to light the candle. If you want a laugh, go and watch the video infomercial. They successfully show how dangerous lighting a candle with matches can be. Doing the Lord’s work.

iot smart candle

?The one where Nandos wins again

Burger King came out with an ad that shows their Whopper decaying. The idea is that it contains only the good stuff, and therefore rots. It’s a dig at McDonald’s. In 2010 a photographer bought a Happy Meal and photographed it for 6 months. Apparently it didn’t rot and the fries are still living happily ever after.

Nandos jumped back like only they can.

nandos wins burger war

??‍♀️Airbnb spy cams? No, just sensors

Airbnb: We want hosts to install sensors that detect high humidity and noise to stop parties

Everybody on their way to an Airbnb:

?Hippo goes for a stroll in St Lucia & hilarity ensues

Firstly, I don’t know why the people in the video are so calm. Hippos can run very fast and could kill you. Lethalness aside, these responses are pure gold.

Thanks @Joni for sharing this tweet.

Finally, plasters for darker skins

When a teacher knows exactly what’s up

?If you want to see a towel removed from a snake, then watch this video. If you don’t, then that’s the end of this week’s Bytesized.

Monty, a pet python, swallowed a towel and had to have it surgically removed. It is quite something to watch, especially when they pull the towel in one direction and the snake in the other. Hopefully, the owner keeps Monty away from the curtains.

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