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5 Tech Influencers You Need to Be Following

Influencers don’t just travel or do makeup or make people laugh. Some of social media’s must-follows are experts in the tech industry. And their posts will keep you abreast of the latest trends, challenge you to think critically and inspire you to do more. So, grab your phone and start scrolling — here’s who to follow now: 



Guy Kawasaki has long been an important voice in the tech industry — in the 80s, he stood as one of the original advocates for a company called Apple.

Nowadays, he has thrown his weight behind Canva, a graphic design program. He also has more than 1 million followers on Twitter and delights them with all the tech-related info they could ever want. Plus, he posts some seriously good memes. Give him a follow if you want your daily dose of industry news from someone who was an influencer before that was even a word. 



Julie Ann Horvath has been called one of the most influential female voices on the web, and for good reason. She works as a Senior Experience Manager at Deliveroo and uses her position to fight for some very worthy causes. For one thing, she has long spotlighted the need for equality in the workplace, specifically in the tech industry. She encouraged her Twitter followers to share their own stories of harassment they’ve faced in their professional lives. And she uses all of this to fuel her in her quest to bring women together to lobby for the advancement in the industry that they deserve. 



Dex Torricke-Barton has worked in corporate communications for the likes of Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook and Elon Musk at SpaceX. Now, he serves as the director of the Brunswick Group, but his ability to connect with people through written and spoken word remains strong.

Follow him to keep up with his inspiring speaking engagements, through which he explores a myriad of topics. He often speaks on globalism and the need for today’s companies to embrace it, rather than run away from it. He knows the value of internationality and interconnectedness — his father was a refuge, and Torricke-Barton uses that story to inspire others, too.



How many pieces of wearable tech do you have on right now? Rachel Kalmar’s career revolves around these devices and the data they collect. In fact, she works at Harvard University as a Data Scientist & Fellow at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society. And she’s also an advocate for open data, allowing anyone to see certain bits of information so that they can use it and republish it.

On Twitter, she shares plenty of morsels of research as well as her own thoughts and opinions in these areas. Follow her for forward-thinking tech thoughts and shares! 



Although he’s an expert in the digital world — and has been since 1994 — Barney Loehnis knows the importance of “human capital.” His people-centric approach has helped him to revolutionize workplaces including that of his former employer, Mercer. There, he helped to improve employees’ lives so that they could perform better on the job. Now, he serves as the lead consultant at humami.io, and he continues to tweet about his very forward-thinking approach to improving business by improving employees. 


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These are just five of the many voices in the tech industry that you should be following. Start here, then explore to find more people whose expertise aligns with your interest. You’re sure to find plenty of voices worthy of you clicking that “follow” button.

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