DIY Inventions for young girls to make (and Powerpuff Girl fans to enjoy)

Every so often something fun lands in my inbox that makes me pay attention. The latest email was one of those things. It was an announcement for Powerpuff Girls Projection Passion – a new series of YouTube videos inspired by the kick ass Powerpuff Girls but also with a very specific African theme.

Cartoon Network and the Powerpuff Girls have introduced a series of DIY tutorials to help young girls interested in arts, crafts and science to make cool stuff at home. The videos and projects were specifically created for the African continent, meaning you won’t have to try figure out how to swop out certain American or European items with local alternatives – a problem I’ve had with DIY videos in the past. The selection of videos offer up fun and easy to follow tutorials to make your own Power Slime, earrings, Pencil Cases, Planters and even your own Water Dispenser. While these are aimed at young girls, I plan to jump on the planters the moment I have some free time. I’ve included all the videos below, let me know if you decide to make one of the items. I think these all look rather rad.

I’m also a giant nerd and love the Powerpuff Girls… so there’s that! 

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