Bad news for peanut butter lovers or good news for the haters…

I went to an event in the evening for my day job and while I had lots of fun, I only got home at 23.30 on a school night. I really feel my age when I miss out on sleep and don’t get my full 8 hours. To think back to varsity where I could pull all-nighters (for work and pleasure) and be fine the next day. It’s going to take me at least 2 days to feel normal again, and that kids is what you have to look forward to when you’re almost 35. And now here’s what you may have missed on the internet this week.

?US kids who watch Peppa Pig are developing British accents

The Peppa Pig franchise is a big deal. Worth $1bn, and used as a gang symbol in China, it has now reached the US of A in what is being called the #PeppaEffect. US kids are not only speaking with a slight British accent but are using localisations too. 


Petrol is going to go up again and if you like your liquor, you’ll be paying more.

And because wine is going up, it might be cheaper to switch to box wine.

?️East London in South Africa is the place to be

So this guy posted this and for someone that only has X followers, this tweet went viral.

Some of my favourite reactions:

?Don’t panic, but there may be a peanut butter shortage

Peanut butter is life. I really love this stuff. Peanut butter as is, on toast, with chocolate, as a milkshake – I don’t discriminate. So you can imagine my alarm when I found out that peanut plantings are at the lowest level in 83 years!

?Influencing, you’re doing it wrong

I’ve never owned a Diesel anything, but I did have a poster of one of their old ads that came in the SL mag up in my room at university. With this new campaign, #BeAFollower, Diesel pokes fun at influencers using influencers.

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