3 little gadget gifts I love

There are 3 mini gadgets come gadget accessories that I’m a little bit in love with at the moment. They’re also all super affordable if, like me, you’re trying to curtail your spending! All three of these were gifted to me but I’ve found them rather useful so sharing regardless.

Also, they’re not the usual. So you might be surprised!

Cable Cover

unicorn cable cover

Jade actually featured these little cable covers in her Christmas Gift guide for 2018. I didn’t pay much attention at the time. I’d seen them in Typo stores and actually really liked the idea. I’ve dropped serious cash on thicker charging cables because of how many have frayed at the attachment end. A R69.99 cover seems like a much better idea. Now this little Unicorn cover is my new friend and I’m impressed. Plus it looks adorable which I love!

Mini massager

beurer massager

Earlier in the year Bryanston Shopping Centre dropped off a little care package to help “ease” me back into the working year. The package contained this little Beurer Portable Massager. It runs on 3 Triple A batteries, is water resistant and is now one of the most loved gadgets in my house. Which is saying a lot because we have A LOT of gadgets. It works as a fabulous neck massager after you’ve spent a day cramped and slouching over a laptop. It also costs under R1500. Player 2 has recently been complaining about lower back pain and he steals this little device almost every night. It isn’t something I would have picked up but I’m really glad it is in my house now!

A new laptop Case

typo laptop case

I may have a bit of a laptop case problem… and a laptop bag problem. Actually just a fun accessories problem in general. Regardless, there is a new case on the block that I’m loving. This Take Charge Laptop Case from Typo comes in at R399.99. My immediate concern was the pale pink colour. Obviously I was immediately worried about the case picking up dirt – because laptop cases travel a lot. But on feeling the material it has a faux leather type effect but could easily be wiped down and cleaned without much fuss. The interior of the case (which fits most 15″ laptops) is a cushy black velvet which offers a thick layer of protection to your device. The front of the case offers two pen holders (I like that my pens can be separate from my other tech). There’s a pocket for your notebook or diary and an extra zipped pocket for cables and the like. It’s a beautiful case.

Disclosure: These items were gifted to Tech Girl. 


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