Peppa Pig banned in China because it’s too gangsta

I’ve just returned from a lovely 5-day break in Mabula with friends which involved playing board games, day drinking gin, lying by the pool, braais and game drives. Also, there wasn’t really any signal, so I got to unplug. But now I am back in the land of working wifi and here’s what the internet gods have brought you.

? ?Peppa Pig banned on an app in China because it’s too gangsta

This news made my week. So apparently Peppa Pig has become a sign of Le Resistance in China. So much so that all references to the British swine and her family were removed from Douyin or the Tik Tok app. Peppa Pig really brings home the bacon, making $1.2bn last year! But wait there’s more… apparently, Peppa Pig tattoos are a thing.

Just think how much money laser tattoo removal parlours will be making in a few years time once the fad dies down. I am so glad my parents were the voice of reason when I said I wanted to get a tattoo. And no it wasn’t a tramp stamp. It was worse. I wanted a Chinese symbol on the back of my neck. Even the thought now embarrasses me.

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?Facebook is now a dating app

One of my guilty pleasures is watching Catfish on MTV. There is always someone with a fake Facebook profile who has been catfishing (tricking) someone into believing they are someone else. And even with all the technological advancements, the person can never meet or video chat.

At Facebook’s annual developer conference, F8, Zucks announced that Facebook will add a dating app. And don’t worry, your friends won’t be able to see your profile.

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PLUS Instagram and WhatsApp will soon get group video calls. Can you imagine the joys of community WhatsApp groups in video form?

?You know you’re cool when…

?Give this kid a trophy

?Are you playing HQ Trivia yet?

HQ Trivia is a live trivia game show app where you get to win real cash money (it is VERY difficult to win though. I am still waiting). It usually goes live at 9pm. Test it out.


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