6 reasons that prove Zucks is actually a reptilian overlord

So much has happened in the world this week, but perhaps the most important is that we finally know that Mark Zuckerberg is indeed a reptilian overlord. Bytesized usually doesn’t involve “do whatever it takes, ruin as many people’s lives, so long as you can make a name for yourself as an investigatory journalist, no matter how many friends you lose or people you leave dead and bloodied along the way, just so long so you can make a name for yourself as an investigatory journalist” type journalism, but this is important.

?Mark Zuckerberg is probably a reptilian aka a lizard person & here’s proof…

The conspiracy theory is real and Zuck’s recent actions in Congress prove it. I too first thought the lizard people were nothing to be concerned about but then I saw Zucks and now I’m a believer.

1.He needs to stay hydrated and luckily for him his thick waterproof skin is designed for keeping in moisture.


2.Some say he is a robot, but this reptilian overlord has learned how to walk among people.

3.This shapeshifter knows how to stay warm in practical clothing.


4. He can’t sit like regular people and used a booster chair to hide his tail. Cunning.

5. There really have been some clues… just look at his eyes.


6. He knows everything. Everything.

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?We’ve all had to take this walk of shame

Whenever I go into a shop to grab a few things I always think I won’t need a basket. And by the third aisle and a couple of judgemental looks, I know it’s time. Time to go back and get a basket.

?Move over Crocs. There’s a new fugly shoe in town.

Awesomely Luvvie wrote a funny article about these monstrosities, and even though I own a pair of Birkenstocks (don’t knock them until you try them. They are super comfy even without socks?), these are on another level.

Birkenstock boots ugly AF

The sad thing is that they are probably comfy AF. Then for summer, as a Twitter pal pointed out, there are these. Yup, Uggs for the summer.

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