custom sunglasses

Custom high end sunnies made to your specifications

I have a love hate relationship with sunglasses. I love them but I also hate how expensive premium brands are. I also happen to hate how rubbish cheaper sunnies are. If you’ve ever purchased a ‘no name’ brand you’ll know how the arms break off or the lenses don’t actually stop you squinting while driving. I’ve had a pair of sunglasses I purchased in Argentina more than two years ago that I love. They cost a small fortune but were worth the spend as they’re durable, look good and protect my eyes.

However, I want other options

custom sunglasses

Needless to say I was somewhat curious when an email popped up in my inbox for SunGod. The opening lines caught my attention where the introduction highlighted the overpriced designer brands saturating the current market and how many sunglasses, even premium brands, don’t last. We agree on that at least, so I clicked through to the website. SunGod allows you to design your sunglasses on the site: everything from shape, colour, design and the lenses you want. They offer up 4 different styles so you can choose something that suits your face. The styles are revolutionary, they’re common designs you’ve seen before. Helpful though because you’re ordering online and can’t test these out “IRL”.

Let me walk you through the online purchase process

custom sunglasses
The online site is easy to navigate and it picks up your region immediately
custom sunglasses
You’re then encouraged to choose the style/shape of the sunnies you’re interested in
custom sunglasses
From there you’re guided through the design process and able to choose from a range of colours and styles for the frames. Not all of them are shown here. There are lots!
custom sunglasses
The next step is to choose your lenses. Really amped that there was a polarised option available!
custom sunglasses
I decided to keep it simple with the arms but you can funk those up as well if you wish
custom sunglasses
Once done you check out and pay online. Easy as! There is an additional item is this basket as I made another pair just to further test the design process.

Once you’ve designed your SunGod sunglasses you check out. They cost 65 pounds regardless of design which translates to roughly R1200. I was a bit nervous about shipping because I’ve found that, in the past, shipping goods from overseas is a ball ache. However, my sunglasses arrived 3 days after ordering them via DHL. They were also well packaged with extra protection so the box came out of the packaging without so much as a dent. They arrive in a box with a small cloth bag. I’d have preferred a proper hard cover box if I’m honest but I chose to forgo purchasing extra on check out.

custom sunglasses

The sunglasses themselves look rad. They’re exactly as I designed. Out the box I was a bit worried – they’re so damn light! My immediate concern was “cheaply made” but on exploring the detail of the glasses themselves this wasn’t the case. I have polarised lenses and really good hinges (you can usually tell when they’re those awful spray painted tin type hinges). SunGod also offers a lifetime guarantee on all their products – which no other sunglass brand offers from what I understand. Basically, if anything breaks they’ll repair it free of charge.

custom sunglasses

I really dig these sunglasses. I mean, truth be told, I designed them myself so they’re exactly the way I want but also, I’m just impressed by the speed at which they arrived and the quality considering the price. There are also a bunch of limited edition offerings and I’m seriously considering going back for the Hannah Whiteley SS glasses which look rather rad.

custom sunglasses

If you want to purchase your own pair of SunGod sunglasses you can visit their website here and get designing.

Disclosure: I was sent a promo code to test out the SunGod offering 


  • Reply Gisela October 29, 2018 at 08:52

    Those sunglasses look great. I have heard of Sungod before, because the ladies from Run like a girl Inc always wear them, but I though first of all shipping will cost a fortune or it will never arrive (as it has happened before when we order stuff from overseas)
    I am happy to hear your positive feedback.

    • Reply Sam Wright October 29, 2018 at 12:11

      Shipping is well priced and they arrive! Woohoo. Even I was pleasantly surprised.

  • Reply catbarker01 October 29, 2018 at 10:57

    Very cool – what a clever idea because I can never find what I want!

    • Reply Sam Wright October 29, 2018 at 12:06

      I was dubious TBH but now that they’ve arrived I LOVE them. Really good pair of sunnies.

  • Reply Heather October 31, 2018 at 21:51

    I once had some cool purple ones from Firmoo but when my car was stolen they were taken too! I liked that you could use a photo of yourself against different shaped glasses.

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