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Uber misadventures & other unrelated things

My car broke so I needed to use Uber to get to and from work. I was working late and quickly booked an Uber. As I ran down the stairs (the Uber was only 2 minutes away) I wondered when they had changed the car icon to a larger car. I messaged the driver to let him know I was standing on the very quiet pavement.

It was only when he pulled up that I realised I had somehow managed to order an Uber Van even though the UberX and UberVan buttons are on opposite sides of the app. The driver burst out laughing. I had accidentally ordered a party bus for one.

I ended up cancelling it because even with the R75 cancellation fee it was still cheaper to get home in a regular Uber. I wonder if my rating has gone down because of this? In related news, I’ve found a really cool site that gives you Uber fare estimates (whether you want an UberVan , X or Black) plus find out what score you need to beat the newest 16-year-old Tertis champ and more this week’s Bytesized.

???David Schwimmer doppelganger robs a store

In September Blackpool Police were on the hunt for a suspect that looked a lot like David Schwimmer.

This news reached the star and he responded in the best way possible.

?Feeling cute might delete later

What’s with people saying they might delete a picture? If you’re going to delete it then either don’t post it in the first place or just delete it without telling anyone about it. Channel Nike and just do it.


?A few tweets I thought were funny AF this week

Insert your profession here…


Don’t lose that diamond status now…


?Find out how much UberX, Black or Van will cost if you want to get from A to B

I was organizing an event and wanted to find out how much Uber would cost for a group of us and stumbled across Uber Estimate. All you do is enter your starting point and destination and it will calculate fares for all the types of Uber AND it even lets you know if there is currently a surcharge.

uber estimate fare calculator

I checked how much it would cost from work to home and got this:

get uber fare estimates

This could be really helpful if you have to budget for trips or just want to know what you are in for.

?The Tetris world champ is only 16 years old

I don’t know what you were doing when you were 16 but I sure wasn’t becoming a world champ. 16-year-old Joseph Saelee beat the 7-time world champ, Jonas Neubauer in the Tetris World Championship.

Which is even more impressive because the tournament has only been going for 8 years. He practices for a few hours a day and keeps it old school because he uses an original 1985 Nintendo NES console.

If you’d like to try your hand at becoming a world champ, you’ll need at least a score of 800 000 to qualify in the top 10. So I guess that’s your weekend plans sorted then?

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?And now this…

Besides being spot on and hilarious be sure to look out for the band names. Also the Kway jacket… gets me every time.


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