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With the cold setting in, its time for Netflix and chill. Chillier weather is the perfect reason to snuggle up, put on your favourite PJs, eat popcorn and binge watch shows to your heart’s content. But what do you do when you’ve watched all the shows your friends have recommended?

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With more people cancelling their traditional TV subscriptions (Daryl loves sport way too much so this isn’t an option in our house, and I do like catching up on stuff I’ve recorded or DSTV thinks I should watch. I’m currently loving UnReal and Instinct) and opting for streaming services, we are left with too much choice.

JustWatch is the app you need to stay up to date with your favourite movies and shows. It is very easy to set up and once you’ve linked your accounts, you can actually watch them all from within the app.

Just Watch streaming search engine

??Selections are based on your country. So when I selected South Africa, I got to choose from streaming services that are available in SA.

?You’ll now have a timeline of when new titles become available, which I found pretty helpful when deciding what to watch.

?Simply click on the bookmark to add all your favourites to your watchlist. The watchlist is where you keep all the titles you like or would like to watch.

?Popular shows you what everyone else likes and price drops is only relevant for pay per view services, like Box Office or Google Play.

✔When you click on a title, all the info you need, like IMDB ratings, trailers, episode lists, etc. is included and you can even track shows, which will keep you updated on any changes.

❌While you are able to search and filter, the search function felt a bit clunky.

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WATCH: a walk through the JustWatch streaming search engine app

Get the JustWatch app for Android here

Get the JustWatch app for iPhone here

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