Trust No One, Fool Everyone – a review of Deceit

Recently, I’ve been playing (read: Dominating) at a fun (read: very serious) game called Deceit.

You know how some people naively think Monopoly is a friendship-ender? Well, those fools have obviously never played Deceit or they would know Monopoly is mere child’s play. ANYWAY, I’ve been playing Deceit with friends for a Fridays now, and if you follow me online you’ve most likely seen me either kick some serious ass, or rage that my ass was the one being kicked. You’ll also notice that my friend group has shrunk considerably.

Deceit is a first-person shooter, survival horror game – but with one fundamental twist: its not PUBG

Kidding, that’s not the twist. That’s just a happy little extra. There are 5 payers per game all competing with AND against each other to be victorious. Out of the five players, two are infected (the bad guys AKA the most fun guys) and the remaining three are the would-be survivors (AKA super squishy targets of death). If you’re a survivor the aim is to survive, you need to work together to power generators, set traps and make it to the exit alive. If you’re playing infected your aim is to stop the survivors from escaping either by killing them all off or by destroying their power sources.

Then we have the plot twist, no one knows who is who.

Every player looks and seems exactly the same, the only person who knows who the infected are, are the infected themselves. So anyone who has ever played a game of Monopoly and snaked a few bills here or there will know that if you’re ever caught the only logical chain of action is to lie, and Deceit is no different. The survivors will be trying to figure out who the Infected two are so that they can ‘eliminate’ them, effectively winning the game, but they also can’t just go around killing everyone they see willy-nilly because if they kill all the other survivors off then the survivors lose the game.

To try to maintain some order in this backstabbing, crazy world, they’ve made it that a survivor can’t just kill an infected, instead, they need to critically wound the infected and then convince two other survivors to vote YES to killing the infected. This means that if you’re the infected you need to keep talking almost the entire time and convince everyone that the person who is trying to accuse you is actually the infected and turn those tables on your friends for good.

Deceit is by no means a perfect game, it’s still in beta so there are always going to be a few hiccups along the way. When you first start playing some of the things you need to do and places you need to go aren’t very clear and the matchmaking could use some work as we’ve had a 55 placed with us level 4s.

But a few bugs here or there aside, Deceit is a really beautiful game: it’s short, action-packed, fun and it’s also free.

I’m also not just singing the game’s praises because I’ve run out of people to slaughter in Deceit, really, I’m not. But having some fresh blood to play with wouldn’t hurt.

Have you played Deceit before or even just watched someone play?

Let me know in the comments down below, I would love to hear your thoughts on the game or suggestions for anything similar.

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