The Most Adorable Spider You Will Ever Meet

I know a lot of you must be thinking “what the flip are you on about Chani?”, but hear me out for a few minutes.
Lucas the Spider is something I’ve wanted to write about for a while already. I never really knew quite how to sum him up without freaking people out who have a fear of spiders.

Until I saw this video by The Dodo

Chani, it’s a spider…

I know but you can’t deny he’s adorable! Is he really helping people who suffer from arachnophobia? Apart from the comments on his videos, it’s tough to say. Do I hope these videos are making people think twice before killing innocent spiders on sight? Absolutely.

I grew up in a home where spiders were caught and let go outside rather than squished, so I am fortunate enough to not suffer from any form of arachnophobia. But I do recognise and understand that a fear of spiders isn’t something to be taken lightly. My mom suffers from ranidaphobia (the fear of frogs) and I wish there were Lucas-styled frog videos I could show her.

But it’s still a spider…

Give his videos a chance, you might find you enjoy them. Even if you don’t end up warming up to spiders, you can still appreciate the beautiful animations.

If you’re looking for his Facebook page, you can find him here. 10/10 recommend following for cuteness. (I also low key want a Lucas the Spider plushy)

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