How long does it take a Kardashian to earn your annual salary

I have 6 days left of work. And while that may not seem like a lot, I have lots to get through. But luckily there is a song that reduces anxiety by 65% (according to science) which is what I’ll be listening to. Speaking of anxiety, you can now find out how long it would take a Kardashian to earn your salary (hint: not long) and if you’re a stress eater like me, UberEats now delivers until 12 midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

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Listening to this song can reduce anxiety by  65%

And no it is not Enya or whale chanting. Weightless by Marconi Union was specially made with the help of sound therapists. And apparently this song is so successful at relaxation, you shouldn’t listen to it while driving.

Here’s a playlist of the Top 10 most relaxing songs (which unsurprisingly has an Enya song and surprisingly contains a song by the All Saints).

Find out how long it would take a Kardashian to earn your salary

There’s a website that works all that out. Enter your annual salary (in $ or pounds) and be prepared to weep.

kim k to earn your salary

There’s a list of all the Kardashian ladies, and if you earn R500k a year, pretty much all of them earn that in under two days. (Link found via Cupcakes & Cashmere)

Click here to find out how quickly a Kardashian can earn your salary. 

These social media managers are winning

Authenticity is a buzzword when it comes to social media and I love it when brands get authentic just like Wendy’s did last week. We don’t even have a Wendy’s but if I was in Merica, I’d go eat there. And that just shows the power of social media. ? ? ?

when brands get real on social media

And without skipping a beat, McD’s fought back:

mcds tweet

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Alexa + Furby = Furlexa

This guy combined Amazon’s Alexa with a Furby to bring us the very first Furlexa! I think this is a sign of things to come. I really want to test out either Amazon Echo or Google Home because voice search is only going to get bigger. Watch Furlexa in action here. 

Image: HowChoo

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Just eat it

If you live in Cape Town or Joburg, UberEATS will now deliver straight to your door after hours. Get Uber Eats between 10-12 every Friday and Saturday evening. You can order from RocoMamas, KFC or McDs.

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