All The Instagram Animal Accounts I Follow, Who All Have More Followers Than Me

Some say there are two types of people in this world, people who love animals, and people who are wrong. Now I know animals aren’t for everyone, but the majority of people have a tendency to be either a dog or cat lover. I’ve always considered myself an animal lover. I grew up with my fair share of cats, dogs, birds and even guinea-pigs. Because of that, there are few photos of me from my childhood where I’m not with an animal.

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childhood photos with pets

This translates into my Instagram through the accounts I’m following. I’m probably following more animal accounts than I am humans, and I’m okay with that. I’ve decided to share some of these accounts with you for two reasons. Firstly because they’re adorable and everyone needs some fluff in their lives, and secondly because there’s a wide variety of accounts to choose from, regardless of your animal-loving-preference.


I’m pretty sure you would have heard of Jiffpom, or at least seen photos of Jiffpom before. The internet sensation with 6.9 million followers is just too adorable not to follow.

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I have no recollection of how I found this account, but glad that I did.


I own my own Maine coon-cross, Mishka, who I love dearly. My fear is if I create an Instagram account for her, she’ll have more followers than me.

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Yes. The moustache is real. Need I say more?


My love for guinea-pigs had to come out somewhere in this piece. Following this account fills the void in my heart left from no longer having any guinea-pigs of my own. Guinea-pigs have their own personalities which are captured so perfectly in the videos on this account.

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This is where it starts getting interesting, and a break away from the “traditional” pets. Yes, I follow a pig account. And they’re adorable.


This account is something special, and I’ve included them because they feature their dogs, horses and sweet little birds. The photography is also stunning – always a plus for an Instagram feed.



Out of all the accounts I’ve listed, this one is the closest to my heart. Yes, it’s an instagram account for goats, but it is also much more than that. The majority of the goats featured on this account have special needs and have been rescued in some way or another. Fair warning that this account does have its sad moments. (Ask Sam, I once cried in her living room because of one of these posts.)

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Prospect's beard 💕

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What if dedicated animal accounts aren’t your vibe?

If you’re not keen on following accounts that only share animal content, I can highly recommend following the official Instagram account. Not only do they share amazing content from a variety of Instagram accounts, they also have a #WeeklyFluff post that showcases a different animal account each week.

I’d love to know which animal accounts you’re following that you believe I should be too, so either drop their handles in the comments below or share them with me on my socials.

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