12 of the best advent calendars 2017 – all available in SA!

I remember the patience I had to exercise as a kid when we would get our very own advent calendars. One chocolate a day is tough when you are building up to Christmas. The best part was opening the little door and getting a treat. Well, things have a come a long way since chocolate advent calendars. Here are the best chocolate, beauty, grown-up, toy and even furkid advent calendars you can get in South Africa!

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The best chocolate advent calendars

What would the festive season be without chocolate? Here are some delicious chocolate advent calendars to keep you going until Christmas.

The Lindt teddy advent calendar, R159.

Nothing beats Lindt (except maybe Reeses but that’s imported and pricey). Start your countdown to Christmas with a delicious Lindt bear. A friend at work got one and let me test one out (they weren’t waiting) and my bear was dressed in his Sunday best and tasted amazing. Nom, nom, nom.

lindt bear advent calendar
The Woolworths chocolate ball cone advent calendar, R149.99. 

Every year my mom buys us a pack of those gold-wrapped chocolate balls from Woolies. It’s become kind of a tradition, but now you can have one every day until you get a whole pack all to yourself. Win-win.

woolworths advent calendar

The best toy advent calendars

There is a Lego advent calendar. I repeat, there is a Lego advent calendar.

The Lego Friends advent calendar, R249.

The Lego Friends advent calendar gives you a toy every day and there are cute animals in the collection too. I really want a hedgehog Lego.

lego and friends advent calendar

The Lego Star Wars advent calendar, R746.

lego star wars advent calendar

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles advent calendar, R223.

This one was out of stock, but it is a TMNT advent calendar. I think I may order this one and forget the advent calendar part and just open all the doors once it arrives.

teenage mutant ninja turtles advent calendar

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The best beauty advent calendars

I’m not much a beauty product fundi, but here are some beauty advent calendars that I thought were quite cool.

The Loccitane advent calendar, R850. 

They have the best hand cream, my favourite being the Jasmine as well as amazing body wash. Treat yourself to an early Christmas with these awesome products.

loccitane advent calendar

HD 12 days of nail polish advent calendar, R199.95.

You can never have too many different colours of nail polish. Create your own version of the 12 Days of Christmas with this nail polish set from HD available at Clicks.

12 days of nail polish advent calendar

The Body Shop advent calendar, R1250. 

I love stuff from The Body Shop, especially their body wash and Jasmine perfume (I really like Jasmine). These products are travel size so they are perfect for your holiday adventure.

the body shop advent calendar

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The best advent calendar for your furkid

It was only a matter of time and that time is now. Celebrate Christmas early this year by getting your furkid involved. Each day has a new delicious treat your pet will love.

Advent calendar for dogs, R100. 

advent calendar for dogs

The best advent calendars for grown-ups

December is the silly season and if you need some help celebrating, welcome to the world of alcohol advent calendars.

A local craft gin advent calendar, R880.

Craft gin is currently all the rage and now you can start off the holiday season in style. This is a great one to share with friends. Just add tonic (you can use craft tonic, but good old Schweppes will work just as well).

local craft gin advent calendar

Whiskey advent calendar, R2311.96.

If you’re feeling festive (and rich), then this whiskey advent calendar is for you.

whisky advent calendar

Wine-of-the-Month advent calendar, R1745.

Before you start judging, these are 375ml bottles. Celebrate with a specially curated mix of white and red wine from the Wine-of-the-Month club.

wine of the month advent calendar

Which one of the advent calendars would you love to add to your Christmas wishlist? Let us know why on social media or in the comments below. 

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Disclaimer: All prices correct at time of writing. 


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