painless laser hair removal

I went to a press event and ended up starting laser hair removal

Awhile back I was invited to the brand new Laser Beautique store in Melrose Arch for a morning of pampering and to see the new store. Rad. Off I went to enjoy a complementary facial and the Nespresso coffee on offer. The store is nestled in a corner of Melrose Arch and was immediately relaxing the moment I walked in. I’d booked for a complimentary facial and started chatting to the therapist about my skin. I’ve been struggling over the past few months with break outs because as my hosting and appearance work has increased I’ve had to start wearing more make up than I’m used to. I’ve always used RegimA Dermazest face wash but mix up my moisturiser. Despite another brand being part of the press event, the team immediately realised that I felt more comfortable sticking with my brand of choice. They worked around that – which I really respect and love, they didn’t just try push product. The therapist suggested a new skin care programme but using only RegimA products, because mixing brands the way I was doing is never ideal. I’ll get in to that below and the change I’ve found but before I do that:

Let’s talk about laser hair removal

painless laser hair removal

The Laser Beautique is pretty famous for its pain free laser hair removal. I mean it is the name so it goes without saying. I’m about to overshare here: I have dark hair so once a month I go for a full bikini wax. I also get my eyebrows waxed. It is a slog but it has to be done. I started asking some questions around laser hair removal and how it works. The tech is pretty standard. There’s an 810-nm diode laser and it is applied using a trademarked technique called IN-Motion. Laser Beautique advertises their laser hair removal as pain free and this is the reason. The Soprano laser delivers energy via low fluence and pulses rapidly. This raises the temperature of the hair follicle to the point whereby the cells become damaged – which means they cannot generate new hair.

But does it hurt?

painless laser hair removal

No actually. After we chatted about the procedure the team did a quick treatment on my under arm so I could feel it. It doesn’t hurt. It is kind of uncomfortable though, more a hot sensation with these weird prickles. Under arms you can barely feel it but in more sensitive areas (like your bikini area) you’ll feel it. But it isn’t really all that bad at all.

So what is the point of this post?

painless laser hair removal

Well, for starters, you’ve learnt about laser hair removal! Haha. While getting my facial done I was asking a ton of questions. It is one of the first times I’ve sat with beauty therapists who could answer every question I was throwing that them. They weren’t just reciting a manual they’d read somewhere. Chatting to the owner of the Laser Beautique franchise as well as the owner of the Melrose Arch store was eye opening. Both these ladies suffered from extreme hair growth for much of their lives. They’d tested every offering and hair removal wonder cream advertised. They’d been to doctors and clinics and beauty salons trying to find a solution. It is amazing to hear their stories. Both these ladies struggled with self confidence issues and on finding a proper solution. This is how the Laser Beautique was born: from searching and finally finding a solution that was relatively pain free.

I ended up spending nearly half a day in the salon asking questions and being a general busy body. You’ll remember that we changed up skin care programme. I’m blown away by how my skin looks at the moment, based purely off the suggestions from the salon. I’m still using RegimA, which I love, but I’ve added a few products to the mix.

My morning starts with DermaZest face wash followed by Techno 5. This is a cream but it works much like a toner. I then use either the Super Smoother which offers up dual hyaluronic action or the Daily Intelligent Sebum Solver which is a Beta endorphin simulator. I alternate between these two but always put the Sebum Solver on if I know I’m going out as it is an SPF as well. In the evenings I use DermaZest and Techno 5 before alternativing between the Omega High Impact and the Quantum Elastin Collagen). The Omega High Impact is the best cream I’ve ever used. It is a like a magic potion. Have a break out? Omega. Next morning: gone. Have dry skin? Omega. Next morning: soft and plump. It is a God send. I also now use the small travel size for when I fly long distance. Using this on the plane has saved my skin. RegimA is a cosmeceutical and changing my skin care routine to focus on their products has been the best thing for my skin. Something I wouldn’t have done if it wasn’t for the advice and suggestions of The Laser Beautique ladies.

Okay Sam, but tell us about how you dropped 10 grand on Laser?

painless laser hair removal

Did you just choke on your coffee? I spent a morning at the Laser Beautique for a press event. I was so impressed by their knowledge, their insight and the feel of the salon. We chatted about laser hair removal for a long time. I had no interest in going this route. I’ve never even thought about it. I presumed my monthly wax would just become part of my life, it had been for close on 3 years. But after the morning chats I went home and researched more. I’m the ideal candidate for laser hair removal. Average hair growth, dark hair, fair skin. I started doing the math. I looked at the cost of my monthly wax over 3 years versus the cost of 10 to 12 sessions – which averaged out at about R10 000. By rights I shouldn’t need more sessions after these few. I’d already spent more than 10k doing my waxes over the years. So I bit the bullet, pulled some cash and started Laser Hair Removal.

3 sessions later

painless laser hair removal

I’ve now been for 3 sessions at the Laser Beautique. I was extremely nervous to start. Mainly because anyone who has done waxing or anything down below is aware that it is always a weird time. The salon made me feel comfortable and at ease. I’ve been doing my bikini area and my under arms. After 3 sessions I barely have hair growth in the under arm area and I’m seeing a definite thinning and slowing down of the hair growth in my bikini area. So far – it works!

I’ve also started getting my eyebrows shaped at the Melrose Arch salon and rather than waxing now do threading. My skin looks amazing, my hair growth is slowing down and my eyebrows are on fleek – I feel so confident when I walk out the salon and that is what this is all about! Feeling good on the inside.

The reason for this blog post was to share my experience with you. To let you see that when I promote something it is because I use it and 9 times out of 10 pay for it. But this post was also about highlighting the Laser Beautique Melrose Arch salon. I really suggest you go chat to them about laser hair removal or any of your beauty needs in you are in Johannesburg. I’ve been there a few times now and have seen the therapists engage with clients. I’m not getting special treatment, they are genuinely supportive and nice to every person who steps foot through their door. We all get the 5 star experience. Go visit them!

If you have any questions about laser hair removal please put them in the comments below and I’ll try answer them as best I can (or get the experts to help me answer them!).

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